Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Swatches

Morning everyone! I feel like I'm still trying to recover from the time change. I usually never wake up this late! I haven't used an alarm clock in a very long time but it looks like I'll have to start.
I know I'm on a low-buy/no-buy but in case I haven't mentioned before I LOVE the brand Petites Color Fever. I've featured the brand on here before but I'm not sure if I've expressed my undying love for the brand. I've just heard recently that they have come out with a whole line of new colors! I'm dying with excitement. I've been stalking RiteAid all week and I hope they get them soon.

Today I want to show you some Love & Beauty polishes from Forever 21. These are really just repackaged LA Girl polish with a cheaper price tag.
Light Grey, Gold, Light Green, Teal, and Gold.
Yes, two of them do have the same name and they're completely different polishes. This isn't unusual for this brand at all.

This is 3 coats of Light Grey.

Light Grey is a light grey blue polish with gold shimmer. It was opaque in 2 coats but I did 3 to cover the visible nail line.

This polish is absolutely stunning. It looks so soft and pretty.

The gold shimmer in the polish almost gives it a glowing hue.

This is 3 coats of Gold.

Gold is not gold. Gold is a tan green color with blue, pink, and silver shimmer.

It's ugly and pretty sheer. I'm not even sure why I bought this one. The only thing that saves this polish is the shimmer. 

My camera only wants to show the silver shimmer but it also has pink and blue shimmer.

This is 1 coat of Light Green over Zoya Shawn.

*Awkward picture trying to capture the flakies*
Light Green is a sheer light green glitter polish with orange flakies.

I was so excited when I saw this polish. A flakie polish! In an actual store! For less than 3 dollars! 
I don't know if it's because I did a green on green combo here but I just think it turned out..ugly.

Hmm.. I'll have to try this one over another color and see how it looks.

This is 1 coat of Teal.

Teal is a dusty, deep blue creme. I would say it seems close to MAC Blue India. But I've never seen MAC Blue India in person to say for sure.

I will say, Love & Beauty's cremes are always very opaque. I have yet to try them for stamping but I bet they would work wonderfully.

I love this dusty blue teal.
This is 3 coats of Gold.

Gold is an orange metallic glitter polish with holographic glitter and holographic hexagon glitter.

I'm not usually a fan of oranges but this one is actually very pretty.

You can see bits of the holographic glitter reflecting here.

:) I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. I really like light grey! So pretty on you=]

  2. That green is awesome. I'm going to have to scope this brand out on my next US trip.

  3. omg, beautiful colours! i love them all <3

  4. I think teal is the best of them

  5. Teal is absolutely gorgeous, one of my favorites (I feel like I say that about all blues though). Also, loved the polishes you swatched for the post before this. Jade is the new black is one my sister bought that I really wish I did too!

  6. Oh, these polishes look awesome! Note to self: Check out Forever 21 nail polishes in the future!

    I love all the amazing swatch posts you do!! :)

  7. Thanks guys!

    Ntalie- I'm glad you like my swatch posts :)

  8. these are some pretty swatches! esp light grey. i've always gotten confused with f21 nps they always either have two names (esp if you buy online) or 2 polishes have the same name. so confusing haha


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