Friday, March 11, 2011

Franken Friday: Space Frankens Part I

Morning everyone. Today I'm a bit worried about my family in Japan after hearing news of the tsunami and earthquake that hit there. Everyone's families and friends are in my prayers.

Today's frankens are based on the Universe. I've been wanting to do a collection based on the Universe for some time now. Pictures of space are colorful and beautiful and they definitely inspire me.
Planet Earth and Galaxy Glitter.

This is 2 coats of Planet Earth.

Planet Earth is a medium blue polish with blue and purple glitter.

This glitter was VERY gritty but I'm sure a layer of top coat would smooth it out :).

You can see more of the glitter in real life.

And I finally have recipes for you guys!
I used:
1 Blue Lanmei pigment
10 drops of Clear Coat
3/4 Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor
6 drops Wet N Wild Black Creme
3/8 teaspoon NYX Purple Glitter

This is 2 coats of Galaxy Glitter with 1 coat of Gelous.

Galaxy Glitter is black jelly based polish with gold glitter throughout it. There is small round gold glitter, star gold glitter, and hexagon gold glitter.

This glitter also turned out gritty, but my camera also likes to exaggerate things a bit.

With Gelous over it, the glitter looks encapsulated. 

I used:
1/2 Revlon Belle
3/8 teaspoon Fancy Sparkle Gold Glitter from the Hobby Lobby
10 drops of Wet N Wild Black Creme.

I hope you guys enjoyed Part I. :)


  1. Beautiful frankens!
    I hope your family is ok! Fingers crossed. :)

  2. Yay, space! Pretty frankens.
    Your family's in my prayers

  3. Planet Earth is so sick! I want to buy it :) Im praying for your family

  4. Love the first one so much!!!! Lovely.
    I hope your family's ok.

  5. hope your family is gonna be ok :-)
    great frankens, you're really good at this!

  6. Amazing frankens!
    My fav is the first one!

  7. I love the last mani. I hope things are well with your family Rachel x

  8. lovely frankens! i love the second one a lot. Hope and pray ur fam is well rach

  9. Wow... I am loving Galaxy Glitter. I've never seen anything like it :D

  10. I pray the best for your family. Something tells me they'll be okay. (:

    And those nail colors are gorgeous. I love the cute names!

  11. yay for franken recipes! I dig these!

  12. Wow, they're gorgeous!! Planet Earth is my fave :) I've never seen anything like it!


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