Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mini Polishes

Today is going to be a quick post because I'm already running behind. 
:) These are mini polishes I owned before my nail polish love began.

Sephora "Orange", Sally Girl Spoiled, Bobbi Brown Velvet, and Hello Kitty "Blue Glitter".

This is 2 coats of Sephora "Orange."

"Orange" is a bright orange shimmer. I didn't think I would like this one at all but once I had it on I thought it was actually pretty.

I'm not usually a fan of orange polishes.

You can see the shimmer here.

This is 2 coats of Sally Girl Spoiled.

Spoiled is a fuchsia pink creme. I'm not big on this polish at all.

This color feels like something my grandma would wear.

On the bright side, this polish is shiny.

This is 2 coats of Bobbi Brown Velvet.

Velvet is a darkened red creme. I had such issues with this polish. It was very thick and bubbled weirdly on my ring finger. I think it needs to be thinned desperately.

The color itself is very pretty and vampy.

Here you can see the weird bubble. 

This is 1 coat of the blue Hello Kitty glitter over Velvet.

This glitter is a transparent blue and holographic glitter. The brush was a nightmare and the glitter would not spread evenly. 

The one went right into the frankening bin.



  1. I think all polishes look great.

  2. Aww I love the orange and also the 'one your gran would wear'!! =P Lol quite pretty actually =)

  3. I love the Bobbi Brown Velvet mani. (^_^)

  4. the pink is awesome!!!


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