Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Old OPI Polishes And Recent Swaps

I'm glad you guys enjoyed my Veggie nail art from yesterday. I'm trying to make time for more nail art this week.
Today I want to show you some more nail polish I had in my possession before I became a nail polish fanatic.

Bubble Bath, Moroccan Melon, and Lincoln Park At Midnight.

This is 3 coats of OPI Bubble Bath.

OPI Bubble Bath is a sheer baby pink. You can see here there is a lot of visible nail line. BB is a good palate cleanser.

There are a couple different formulas for Bubble Bath. I have the pink based one but there is also a creamy off white version as well.

You can see how short the actual tip of my nail is. A woman I work with told me the other day that I had "long nails". In all actuality, it's just the size of my nail bed.

This is 3 coats of Moroccan Melon.

Moroccan Melon is an orangey pink coral creme. This is probably the oldest polish I have. It used to be my moms.

I can't say that I'm a big fan of coral polish so this one doesn't come out to play very often.

It's very shiny as well.

This is 2 coats of Lincoln Park At Midnight.

Lincoln Park At Midnight (which I always want to call Lincoln Park After Dark) is  a blackened purple shimmer polish. It could have been a one coater if I had been more careful.

This is the polish that sparked my love for dark purples. :)

Argh! Ignore that tiny hair that somehow worked its way into my swatch.

I also owned these polishes, courtesy of my granny who was convinced that young Rachel only wanted to do French Mani's... Right...

Now onto my swap packages..
My first swap was with Swaafie! If you haven't checked out her blog- hop to it! She's incredibly creative and her posts always make me laugh.
Look at all the fun stuff she sent me! She sent me a ton of awesome candy and nail glitter/decals.
The polishes she sent me were:
BR 09, GOSH Rainbow, GOSH Holographic, Pieces Starry Sky, and La Femme Beauty Odyssey.

My second swap with a reader of the blog, Naomi! 
She wanted to get a hold of some polish brands that are available in Michigan. I ended up swapping for non-nail polish related make up, so instead I'll show you how cute her package was!
Seriously, how freaking cute! I about died when I opened my package. 

She also included these in her package. I'm in awe.

Finally, I swapped with Sara. She also has a great blog with some awesome nail art.
Here are the goodies she sent me:
Barry M Nail Effects, Barry M Dusky Mauve, Marry M Vivid Purple, Technic Shade 16, Technic Shade 27, Model's Own True Blue, and GOSH Holographic.
Me Me Me Pewter, two unnamed Red Herring polishes, Accessories Aztec, and Accessories Pink Spice.

I love swapping. :) 


  1. OPI Moroccan Melon is super pretty! I love it!

  2. Lincoln Park At Midnight is such a pretty color! I always end up kicking myself when bloggers post their old polishes, because a few years ago my mom made my sister and i throw out all our "old" nail polish- we must have thrown out a shoebox full! It drives me nuts to think about what might have been in that box now that i'm into polish haha. Lovely swatches, and great swaps! (:

  3. I really like Moroccan Melon! And I love you 'before-obsessing-post'.. I don't think I dare figuring out which polishes I own before I became obsessed.. That would really make me realise how many polishes I've bought since then :o
    But maybe I should do it, just for fun :) haha

    Yay, again I'm glad you liked my package :) You've stocked up on Gosh Holographic pretty nice I see! haha.. I kind of want to buy an extra bottle too, so I have for frankening..

  4. I envy your long nail beds! :) Those foreign goodies look fun! Aw, granny's old school... I'm sure she knows your style by now! :D

  5. The bubble bath is very nice!!

    I would like too invite you to my blog

    Living to travel

  6. Gosh Holo...I'm dying for a bottle, but they're hovering in the 20 dollar range on eBay.

  7. Awesome swatches =) And hehe i'm reli happy that you liked everything you got =)
    And aagh you have gosh rainbow!!! Lucky you =D lol


  8. dang, i always hear awesome things about Bubble Bath but i never/seen heard it was so sheer. ergh.

    and awesome swaps! omg, those GOSH polishes. *jealous.

  9. Gosh Rainbow!! Lucky you!! :) I wish I had it too, but Gosh discontinued it :( Why do they always discontinue the pretty colors? :P

  10. hope you enjoy your package!!!!

  11. How much would you charge for one of your extra gosh holo's haha...i would kill for a bottle of that polish!

  12. I definitely agree that Bubble Bath is a palette cleanser. I wore it after having Christmas manicures on for about a month straight. I never keep it on for too long tho :D

  13. LOVE Moroccan Melon and your swap packs are amazinnnnnnnng.

  14. WAH!!! what a swap!!!! could you please do more nail art? i really love seeing your nail art.

  15. Abby- Awe it's okay. You can build a collection now! :) I actually have thrown away old polishes before I knew better.

    Swaafie- It was all pure coincidence that I ended up with extras. >.< I'll probably explain later in a future post.

    Naomi- My nail beds are average sized haha. :P

    Adrianna- Try swapping!

    Silence Is Loud- I knowwww :P. Everyone asks for more :/ I just don't have the time and my job doesn't allow it. I'm trying to at least do some more in the future.

  16. Moroccan Melon looks great on you, Rachel! :D


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