Sunday, March 20, 2011

OPI, Pure Ice, and CND Swatches

I had a bunch of random swatches lying around so I compiled this post with them. :)
This is 2 coats of OPI DS Classic.

DS Classic is a tan, brown polish with a scattered holographic effect.

I feel this isn't the best color for me, but I still love it.

You can kind of a see the holoness here. It's more holoy in real life. 

This is 2 coats of OPI My Private Jet.

There are many versions of this polish. The most coveted is the holographic version. Sadly, this is not that version. I believe this is the easiest version of MPJ to get. This one is a brown polish with a scattered holographic effect.

I actually really like this version. It's slightly holographic and is very opaque.

Blurry, but you can see some of the holoness.

This is 3 coats of Pure Ice Kiss Me Here.

Kiss Me Here is just a grey creme. Nothing spectacular.

I love grey polishes so this one is okay in my book. I'm not a fan of the Pure Ice brush or formula but this one was actually somewhat opaque.

This is shown with top coat.

This is 1 coat of CND Silver Chrome.

I tried painting to the cuticle but I think it turned out messy :/. Silver Chrome is a silver polish with a metallic finish.

I love using this polish for stamping but this was the first time I wore it as a full mani.

It's a bit brush stroke ridden.

This is 1 coat of China Glaze Channelesque. I really needed 2 coats.

Channelesque is a purple-brown-taupe creme polish. I love this one a lot. I have one very similar, China Glaze Below Deck, but Channelesque steals my heart for some reason.

I love this.

Well, I'm off to see a movie~
:) Enjoy what's left of your weekend!


  1. I like this version of MPJ - nice!

  2. mpj, the latest version is my all time favorite polish to wear :)

  3. the pure ice color is really pretty.

  4. I put your nail to voting: THE NAILS OF THE WEEK.

  5. The one I like the most is OPI My private Jet, I love it :)

  6. my private jet!!! i love it :-D

  7. I have the non-holo MPJ, i was disappointed at first, it became my top fav after a few tries.

  8. i can't decide if I should get channelque or not..argh!! or the anchors away dupe....argh.................. i'm going insane..I finally just got white cap from china glaze

  9. These are so shiny! love them all!

  10. Whoa CND Silver Chrome is so cool as a full mani! And darn I need to get some OPI DS asap!

  11. shortwidenails- I love Channelesque more. It has a hint more purple.

    Thanks everyone~


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