Thursday, March 24, 2011

Orly And Essies Swatches

I'm taking a break from another "pre obsession" stash post. Today I want to show you some Essie's and Orly polishes I have recently acquired.
In another news, I just signed up for my nail tech program and will be starting that in the beginning of April. I will probably have less time to blog in the mornings and just in general so I will probably only be blogging at nights now.
Orly Charged Up, Orly Naughty Or Nice, Essie After Sex, and Essie Sexy Divide.

This is 3 coats of Charged Up.

Orly Charged Up is a grape purple jelly creme. It was VERY streaky and had a thick and awful formula.

I was so excited for this polish. It looks stunning in the bottle but on the nail it was a hot mess. 

This polish went straight into my franken box.

This is 2 coats of Naughty Or Nice.

Orly Naughty Or Nice is a very dark burgundy creme. It's almost black.

It's a super vampy color, yeah?

I think this might be the only Orly I "like". I only have a few but I'm not completely in love with any of them.

This is 2 coats of After Sex.

Essie After Sex is a red shimmer polish. Red is not my favorite polish color but this red is stunning. The color is very sexy.

When I bought this polish, the woman ringing me up told me about how she was wearing After Sex and how an older lady came in and asked what she was wearing. :P I guess she felt a little perverted saying what it was.

I also liked the Essie brush. I only had minimal clean up.

This is 2 coats of Sexy Divide.

Essie Sexy Divide is a blacked purple with bright purple shimmer. This is another polish I fell in love with right away.

I picked this up on a whim and now I absolutely love it!

I love all the shimmer that pokes through.

Orly and Essie are actually two brands I don't own many polishes from. I think these two Orly's make me want to stay away from the brand. While, these two Essie's make me want to keep trying Essie!
:) Franken Friday is on for tomorrow!


  1. I might have to go get Naughty Or NIce. I've been trying to find a shade like that.

  2. OMG I love the result of the violet one!
    It is not a color I usually like but here it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I have After Sex too. It's very pretty but I have to admit I bought it just because of the name :P

  4. Odd that Charged Up didn't behave for you; Orly is one of my favorite brands.

    Looking forward to hearing about your nail tech adventures!

  5. How exciting to be starting your nail tech program! I would love to do that someday! You'll do amazing :), seeing as how you have had all this practice! Pretty color swatches!

  6. I had the exact same issues with Charged Up, but don't give up on Orly...I've got several and that's the only one I've had a problem with.

  7. I seriously freakin' LOVE your nail shape!

  8. you don't really like Orly?
    It is so hard to believe, because here in the netherlands they is so hard to get and I want them all so bad! :)
    I have the sweet collection and the cosmix collection, those are great!
    I love your Essies, they look so pretty!

  9. if orly's charged up didn't have such a horrible application it would be so pretty!

  10. :) Alright, guys. I'll give Orly another go!


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