Friday, March 25, 2011

Space Frankens Part II

I hope you guys are excited about these! These are my favorite frankens yet. Once again, the colors and finishes of these were inspired by space. :)
And don't forget I'm working on my Franken FAQ and Tutorial so if you have a question about frankens- ask it here.

Heart Nebula, Saturn's Rings, and Devon's Sky.

This is 2 coats of Heart Nebula.

Heart Nebula is a magenta pink polish with a scattered holographic effect.

Did you think I was going to make a franken collection without a holo?

I haven't tried this one in the sun, but I'm sure it's stunning.

What I used:
3/4 Sally Hansen Purple Diamond
1/4 Wet N Wild Red Red.

This is 3 coats of Saturn's Rings.

Saturn's Rings is a bronze and gold glitter base with holographic glitter. I'm very proud of this one. It applies very well!

After 3 coats, it was pretty much opaque and had great coverage.

Look at all that glitter!

What I used:
1/2 Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor
1/8th Sinful Colors Out Of This World
6 Drops of Clear
3/8th teaspoon NYX Hot Gold Glitter
1/8th teaspoon of: Green, Purple, and Pink Glitter
I also added a few drops of thinner the next day which really helped even it out.

This is 2 coats of Devon's Sky.

Devon's Sky is a dark blue polish with blue and purple shimmer.

Devon's Sky is named after my boyfriend, Devon. He inspired me to make a collection that was themed by the universe so I thought I should dedicate one to him. He's such an awesome guy. :) He's been with me on many polish hunting adventures and was the one to notice that Studio M Purple Medallion was a near dupe for Slamming Red. Today is our 3-year-8-month-iversary.

You can see some of the shimmer here. In real life, it looks awesome.

:) I don't think Devon has ever read my blog but I'm sending him a link for this post. :) So if you're reading this- Hey, Devon! :D

What I used:
1/4 Sinful Colors Let's Talk
1/4 Clear
1/4 Color Club Jewel Tone Blue
1/4 Sinful Colors Let Me Go
10 drops of Black

I hope you guys enjoyed my frankens as much as I do!


  1. love them!!!!

  2. These are sooo great :) I especially like Saturns Ring.. Nice to see what you've used for the frankens :)

    Congrats on the day :) Nice of your bf to support you hobby!

  3. I'm digging Saturn's rings! I actually used what seems to be that same purple glitter in my first&only franken, except it melted... Maybe it was the base I used, because yours isn't gloppy! Hmm, maybe I'll give it another go:)

  4. They're all pretty amazing, but the 2nd is stunning! And a big yay! for awesome guys! ^^

  5. I love all three. Thanks for including the recipes. I might have a try at something similar to Saturn's Rings.

  6. so fabulous! I love that you make them with easy to find polishes

  7. Wow. They are all fierce. did I just use that word? yea. Especially, the finish on the first guy <3 ... looks smooth like butta

  8. But what awesome frankens!!
    I just love them!!
    The first one is ma fav!! I'm in love with it!

  9. They'r all stunning colours! I love every one =)

  10. Swaafie- Thank you~

    Naomi- Where was the glitter from?

    Thanks everyone!

  11. wahhh, i like Saturn's Rings a lotttttttttt. Heart of Nebula kinda looks like... OPI's Extravagance... :)

  12. LOVE that blue color! GORGEOUS!
    Happy (kinda late) anniversary, btw! :)


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