Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zoya Swatches And Glitter Gradient Mani

The weather the last couple days has been amazing in Michigan. It's been actual "Spring" weather. The snow has pretty much melted and yesterday I walked around without a coat on. :)
In case you guys haven't noticed, I LOVE Zoya polishes. I love Zoya in general. They have great promos for their costumers and also great costumer service!
Yummy, Roxy, and Dovima.

This is 2 coats of Zoya Yummy.

Yummy is a medium blue creme. This polish just screams Easter to me. 

I actually bought this polish on clearance at a beauty supply and I am not regretting it. The color is very pigmented and it applied like butter. As always, the Zoya brush did not disappoint.

It looks like a shiny Easter egg.

This is 3 coats of Roxy.

Roxy is a raspberry purple jelly polish with pink glitter. 

While this polish is pretty, I thought I would like it more than I did. I might be a bit glittered out at the moment though.

This polish REALLY left glitter residue.

This is 2 coats of Dovima.

Dovima is a black satin polish with silver shimmer. I wouldn't call this matte and it's almost a suede.

I really didn't think I needed this polish because I already had a matte black one in my stash.  But this one is VERY different than the flat black one I already own. Dovima is gorgeous and not so "matte" looking.

The silver micro glitter is really outstanding.

Ah, Zoya, you did not let me down!

I mentioned yesterday that I pulled out Pa Q9 to do a manicure. Well, this is what I ended up with!
I did a glitter gradient mani with Pa Q9. I hate the way it looks in pictures because it is gorgeous in real life.

Pa Q9 was perfect for this. The glitter was just thin enough for a gradient manicure.

Would you believe this is the only mani so far to last a full day at work? I'm in love.

This is taken in the sunlight- to catch some of the glitter.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Those are some beautiful polishes!

  2. those are all really lovely!
    I love your glitter gradient

  3. love them all. The blue one is so shiny!

  4. Cool glitter gradient! I want to try that some time!

  5. Super pretty gradient ! :)
    Xx. S

  6. Love all of these, especially yummy!

  7. wow!!! Yummy!!!!!!

  8. Dovima is calling my name :)
    great colors!

  9. I love the blue zoya and the silver gradient!

  10. I love your glitter gradient! And now you've made me want Yummy.

  11. meeee toooo! i thought i would LOOOVE Roxy...i didnt. but i like your gradient!~

  12. Lovely selection of polishes - and how great is Yummy!

  13. Gorgeous colors, Rachel!!! And, I love your glitter gradient, so pretty! :)

  14. I love love love your glitter gradient!! so well done!!


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