Saturday, April 16, 2011

Color Club: Mrs. Robinson

This is definitely a polish I bought for the name. But I ended up loving it!

This is 3 coats of Color Club Mrs. Robinson.

Mrs. Robinson is a bright purple polish that dried with a neon finish. And like most neons- it was hard to capture.

I was quick with this polish and wasn't really happy with this mani.

This is a very vibrant color in real life.

I ended up stamping with one of my new MASH plates (M64) and White Konad polish.

My nails ended up looking like a bright bandanna!

What do you think?

Here are my new plates! All of these for less than 20 bucks.


  1. so jealous of those mash plates. to ship them to canada it is 27 dollars!!

  2. Cute!! Now I have Mrs. Robinson stuck in my head. :(

  3. I love this color! I want it to put black shatter over lol

  4. Love the konad on top of mrs. Robinson even if it's reminiscent of the crypts and bloods, lol. Oooo what gang are u in? :p

  5. Hey! I think I posted the BM/MASH comparison post on the nb. Glad you like the plates! =) I love your mani!

  6. Love the polish and the design:)

  7. MASH looke like KONAD? are they the same?
    love you manii

  8. Hi Rachel: I was visiting another web blog and saw your gorgoues colored nails so I just had to follow the link, LOL. I love this color, kind of reminds me of another polish, Sephora by OPI," Don't Go There." however, the Sephora by OPI might be a shade lighter than Mrs. Robinson.

    Mrs. Robinson is beautiful and as you say very vibrant color! But I love those Mash Stamp plates! Wow! what a difference inn the nail color design. What do I think? Your nails are very attractive and gorgeous, love the shape of the nails. Beautiful mani Rachel.


    Mc Huggs :)

  9. This polish is really beautiful. I love it, and the stamping looks pretty as well =)

  10. My friend lent me it and I think it´s a gorgeous bright color!

  11. Cute polish. The konad looks nice too:)

  12. Loving that awesome colour! And those plates are cool stuff =)

  13. Loodie- I'm in the Latino Kings. :) I look best in gold!

    chell- I'm not sure about all of them, but MASH has a lot of konad dupe plates for a fraction of the price.

    Geo58- Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

    Thanks everyone~

  14. wah, thats so cheap!! 20 bucks for all those?? it does reminds me of bandana!! pretty!

  15. Hi, I just love your nails, I would like to know where I can buy those plates in Staten Island or nyc.

  16. Sammy- I've only seen these plates on Amazon but it seems that recently they have been pulled from the website.


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