Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31/11 NOTDs

This is 2 coats of Urban Decay Burnout over Wet N Wild Buffy The Violet Slayer.

Burnout is a sheer polish that I wouldn't think much of in the bottle. But layered over purple- it has a Clarins 230-like effect.

With one coat I wasn't impressed. But after I layered two coats- it really started to pop.

It really sparkles.


This is 3 coats of Hard Candy Mushroom.

Mushroom is a dark taupe creme polish. It pulled extra brown on me.

Here it is with the ring.

I didn't love this as much as I thought I would.

So I layered Colorama Gold Wash on top of it.

Gold Wash is a sheer polish that has a shimmery, gold finish.

This made my nails much more interesting.

I think these two polishes coordinated well together.

I'm sorry that lately I've only had time for short posts. :/ I've been very busy with school and work. I hope that in a couple months, when school is over, blogging will go back to running more smoothly.


  1. OH WOW! That purple combination with the Urban Decay is just stunning. WOW WOW WOW!

  2. Yes, that purple is insane<3 :)

  3. Wow!!! Both are so gorgeous love the shimmer effect :)

  4. the purple is so hot i love the color!! i also love the hard candy combo, ive been eyeing hardcandy polishes for a while now..

  5. That brown with the shimmer on top is so cute!

  6. Wow that purple is sooooo mesmerizing!

  7. What a beautiful purple color! Ideal for going to the Pub.

  8. oooh fantastic layering with UD. I have that one too and now I *need* to try it over a purple - thanks!


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