Friday, May 20, 2011

Dupe Scoop: Petites Color Fever 24K Gold Vs. Milani Gold Glitz

I'm starting a new segment today called the "Dupe Scoop". I know that's terribly cheesy but that's it. :)
And in the Dupe Scoop I will be comparing polishes I have in my stash to see if they're dupes or not.

Milani Gold Glitz Vs. Petites Color Fever 24k Gold

This is 2 coats of both. Can you tell which is which?

GG, 24KG, GG, 24KG.

These are dupes. I can't tell them apart. They have the exact same formulation.

With Top Coat.

Well, Which is a better deal? Petites Color Fever polishes are $3.99 at RiteAid for .25 oz. Milanis are $4.99 for .5 oz and are available through more retailers. I would have to go with the Milani here. Even though the PCF has a cuter bottle.

I hoped that helped anyone that was interested!
:) Are there any polishes you would like to see compared?


  1. The Milani is actually cheaper when you realize it has twice as much!

  2. I think those are dupes for the gold glitter OPI Ulta exclusive from this past Christmas. I can't remember the name because I lost the bottom sticker from my bottle. I have the milani. I may have to compare.

  3. "Dupe Scoop"....lmao.. Cute ;-)

  4. exact dupe! love exact dupes that have a cheaper option!

  5. So cute! I'm not a big gold fan but I think I'm changing my mind.

  6. Can you please compare FingerPaints psychedelic sunshine to CG lighthouse?

  7. I can't believe they are exact dupes. Great color! so pretty!

  8. Kendra- I actually don't have either of those polishes or I would compare. :)

    Thanks everyone!

  9. Gold polishes are absolutely amazing! And these two (or should I say this one? :P) are gorgeous :)

  10. This is an exact dupe. They look exactly a like. They're both gorgeous.

  11. Can you compare Holo polishes, with and w/o a topcoat? I really love the Gosh holo but I need to find a really good dupe for it...thanks!

  12. Do you know if the petites have toluene or phthalates? I've been trying to find out!


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