Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Golden Rose Paris Holographics

I recently made an order of a bunch of Golden Rose Paris Holographic polishes. I ordered them Here. First, I would like to say that the shipping is free over $20 and that they were shipped to my house in 3 days. :D

They were pretty cheap so i ordered a few.

This is 3 coats of 112.

112 is a light brown polish with a strong holographic effect.

This polish had the strongest holographic effect of all the polishes.

:) YUM.

This is 3 coats of 104.

104 is a brown-gold polish with a soft holographic effect.

I haven't tried these in the sun yet, but I'm sure they'd be amazing.

This was such an interesting color- I don't think I have a dupe for it.

This is 3 coats of 109.

109 is a soft purple polish with a soft holographic effect.

I love how soft this color is.

Dare I say it? The holographic polish is...calming.

This is 3 coats of 107.

107 is a bronze-brown polish with a soft holographic effect.

This was also a unique color that I don't think I have a dupe to.

I love the way the holo effect looks here.

This is 3 coats of 117.

117 is a soft pink holographic polish with a pearly finish.

The effect on this polish seems to soften the holographic effect slightly, like looking at it through fogged glass.

Why did I not know about all these unique holographic polishes before?!

This is 3 coats of 110.

110 is a mauve polish with a soft holographic effect.

I'm kind of torn on liking this polish. The color is a bit too boring for me.


This is 2 coats of 105.

105 is a ruddy orange holographic polish.

This is another unique color that I was excited to add to my stash.

There's a little halo for my nail! :) Anyone else see that?

This is 2 coats of 113.

113 is a bright red holographic polish.

Although this polish is lovely, I wish it was a blue based red and not an orange based red.

Scattered holographics are much better in the sun. One day.. I will take sun pics!

This is 2 coats of 108.

108 is a burgundy holographic polish.

This polish looks similar to OPI DS Extragalactic. I will have to compare these two!

Do you own any Golden Rose Holographic polishes?


  1. These are really gorgeous colours! It's a shame they don't ship internationally :( xxx

  2. They're SO pretty !
    especially 112 and 113 :)
    Xx. S

  3. Love 109 & 112 - pretty! And I can't resist...

  4. I'll go and see this!
    Thank you!
    Awesome swatches!

  5. I'm actually wearing 108 right now. ha! Put it on Sunday. You have to see these in bright sunlight. They are amazing.

  6. Great swatches! I really, really like 102 and 108. ♥

  7. I am so glad you bought some of these -- aren't they great?

  8. Lots of pretties in there! I only have a couple Golden Roses in my stash, neither one a holo.

  9. I'd never heard of this brand, but it looks promising! Great holos.

  10. OMG ! These are beautiful ! (: I want them all.

  11. Seriously Rachel. You saw me tweeter moaning the other day. You've made me happy now xx

  12. My eyeballs hurt from their beauty!!!!!! :) Can I see sunlight pic's pretty please??

  13. Thanks everyone!

    Loodie- One day... :P

  14. I think you got me when you mentioned the free shipping x) Hehe, I shall be making a purchase in the future. Thank you! I love 109, 112, & 113 ^__^

  15. Ohhhh had to get some. I also got one that is a dark gray holo called Diamonds also by Golden Rose. It looks like the Daiso number 10 that I fell in love with. Thanks Rachel!! I may finally get my nails on some holos!!!!

  16. These are stunning! Inexpensive Very easy to order and I got them in just 3 days ! thanks so much for the link ! It is what I was looking for! Your Blog has made my pedi s and manis much more beautiful!!!


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