Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Forever 21 Polishes

Forever 21 polishes get a lot of love from me. I am always impressed by the formula, colors, and finishes of their polishes.

Mint, Clear/Silver, and Current.

This is 2 coats of Mint.

Mint is a green polish with silver shimmer.

This is such a pretty polish but it was a tad streaky.

I need to see if I have any dupes for this in my stash. It looks familiar.

This is 4 coats of Clear/Silver.

Clear/Silver is a holographic glitter polish with a brown jelly base.

This polish was more sheer than expected. Usually Forever 21 glitter polishes are more opaque.

I love the way the glitter looks.

This is 2 coats of Current.

Current is a red flakie polish.

This polish is amazing on the nail. Run, don't walk, to your nearest F21!

Oops, got a hair stuck in there!

What do you guys think of Love & Beauty polish?


  1. I am totally in love with Current. Wow.

  2. Nice polishes, love the 'current' colour.

  3. These look great! I only have one of their polishes that I got in a swap and it's untried.

  4. :) Thanks everyone~
    KarenD- You have to try their polishes!

  5. I've never tried Forever 21 polishes but Current is a great color! Thanks for swatchign them, I'll be sure to check them out!

  6. I love all the colors Im going to have to keep an eye out for theses

  7. I am just finiding your blog, which I love by the way. I see their polishes all the time but never have thought to give them aa try. Will definitely pick up a few the next time I'm in the store. I love Current. I am not sure it will still be there, but I have to have that color.


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