Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Petites Color Fevers

It's no secret that I love Petites Color Fever polishes. Any chance I get- I am always picking these up. These are some new ones I bought.

Seashell, Periwinkle, Zodiac, and Galaxy.

This is 4 coats of Seashell.

Seashell is a warm nude creme.

Seashell built coverage pretty well.

It does tend to lean a bit pink.

This is 2 coats of Periwinkle.

Periwinkle is a grey purple creme polish that appears more blue in the bottle.

This is a lovely polish. It seems like there are a lot of color similar to this one out in the polish world right now. 

The color is calming.

This is 2 coats of Zodiac.

Zodiac is a purple glitter polish with purple and blue glitter.

I love deep purple nail polish. So this is an instant winner in my mind.

You can see a tiny flash of blue here.

This is 2 coats of Galaxy.

Galaxy is a darkened red glitter polish.

The glitter in this polish dried a bit gritty so I added a layered of OPI DS Top Coat.


I LOVE all of these Petites Color Fever polishes. I love everything about them. What I don't love- is how limited they are! They are only available at RiteAid which is not in a lot of states nor outside the US.


  1. i love all these petites polishes you post! if i ever find myself near a riteaid, i will be getting some!
    zodiac is so pretty

  2. Love those shades!! If I'm ever in a Rite Aid, I'll have to remember.

  3. I wish we had Rite-Aids! These are so fabulous polishes. Your watches are just beautiful :)

  4. Perriwinkle is to die for ! I love it.

  5. WOW, I'm in love!!!! Oh no... now I want them all! Too bad they are not available outside the US...
    How much are they?

  6. I love all but seashell. That bores me. The rest are fantastic I have vintage gray on and that is a winner too. Thanks. Looks great on you!!

  7. Great swatches! I LOOVE Zodiac it's so gorgeous!

  8. Beauty Addict- They retail for $3.99

    Thanks ladies!

  9. omg, i love every single one... great polishes indeed :-D


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