Sunday, May 15, 2011

Old CND Polishes

Sorry I've been kind of MIA the last few days. Blogger was down and I couldn't write my posts like I planned on. The important thing is, my blog is up and running and I'm posting now. :)

Today I want to show you some old CND polishes. I have to assume these polishes are old because they are in the old style of CND bottle. 

Pink Chrome and Aqua Jet.

This is 4 coats of Pink Chrome.

Pink Chrome is a sheer off white polish with pink shimmer.

This polish was a bit streaky, which you can see here. None the less, it was still a pretty polish and it's my go-to for polish palette cleansing.

I think this might be my alternative to OPI Bubble Bath.

This is 4 coats of Aqua Jet.

Aqua Jet is a pale baby blue polish with green shimmer.

I think this polish is gorgeous on it's own by the polish lover in me wants to see it layered over a blue creme.

This shimmer in this polish is really lovely.

Although these polishes are sheer- they are quite lovely and I'm happy they are part of my stash.
I can't tell you where these polishes are available since I bought it at a local retailer- but it seems like there's quite a few listed on eBay.

Do you own any old CND polishes?


  1. They are both very pretty colors but a bit sheer for me. I would layer them over a white cream!

  2. Those are pretty! I don't own any old CNDs but I just got Bubble Bath:)

  3. Very pretty, the sorts of colours I don't mind VNL with, especially the pink. And I agree the blue would look great layered over a baby blue cream.


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