Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random China Glaze Swatches

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. It didn't do much for me. I have School off this morning but I still have to work. Sundays and Mondays are always my days off anyway. :/ 

Today I want to show you some random China Glaze swatches. I had all these polishes sitting in my untries and I decided to put them together in one post. That's how I do most posts, really.

This is 2 coats of Pelican Gray.

Pelican Gray is a grey polish with silver shimmer.

I can't believe I didn't pick up this polish when it first came out!

If you haven't picked this polish up, I suggest it. I happen to have found mine on clearance and I've very happy I do. 

This is 2 coats of Starboard.

Starboard is a dusty green creme.

I didn't have a green creme quite this green, so this was another good choice from the clearance section.

I don't wear greens like this too often. I can't even think of another green creme I own. I guess that means I need more, huh?

This is 2 coats of Wagon Trail.

Wagon Trail is a dark olive green shimmer polish.

I love how blackened this polish looks. I also like how well it goes with my skin tone.

Reminds me of a lizard's eye. Not that I see their eyes frequently.

This is 2 coats of Side-Saddle.

Side-Saddle is a darkened purple polish with a strong gold shimmer.

I love how darkened this polish looks too.

This is a really pretty polish.

What is your favorite China Glaze?


  1. wow... wagon trail and side saddle are already on my wish list... it seems to me that the first two are going to end up there too ;-)

  2. Channelesque will always have a special place in my collection--it was the first ChG I stalked. :)

  3. I think my all-time fave is Ruby Pumps, but that would probably be replaced if I ever got my hands on their holos!

  4. Yes, more green cremes are always needed!

  5. Wagon wheel and Starboard are just gorgeous.

  6. lovely colour selection you have there. I love all the polishes I picked up from the anchors away collection. Vintage Vixens also had a lot of winners for me.

  7. Wowzer, these all look so awesome! I really want to get Wagon wheel now. I only own one Chinaglaze nail polish (which I'm in love with!) and seriously want to get my hands on some more. >_<

  8. You meant Wagon Trail right? I almost went googling Wagon Wheel :) Didn't know Side Saddle is that pretty. I think that whole collection is pretty

  9. I loved!!! You have good taste, congratulations.

  10. Halifax- Ah, you're right. For some reason my spreadsheet said wheel!

    Thanks everyone!

  11. must get Pelican Gray! great swatches. My fav atm is Evening Seduction.


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