Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SpaRitual Polishes: Evolve

I want to say that I'm glad my Golden Rose Holographic post got everyone excited and interested. I received multiple emails about how to get a hold of the polishes. I had posted a link to where I bought the polishes, but that is for US residents only. I know that Golden Rose is an international brand and can be found in various locations all around the world.
I hope this doesn't come off too mean or whatnot, but I had quite a few emails asking me to Custom Purchase these nail polishes. I am usually quite happy to help people get polishes that are EASILY available to me. For example, polishes that are available in stores near me. 
I am also more than happy to lead you in the right direction of where to purchase these polishes but please do remember
I am not a vendor. I am not selling these polishes. I run a blog- not a store.
I hope this didn't offend anyone. I'm glad many of you showed interest in the polishes and I will keep that in mind for future giveaways.

Today I want to show you some SpaRitual Polishes I have recently purchased from a local beauty supply. They can be purchased online here. I have not personally purchased anything from this store but I urge you always to use care when shopping online.

This is 3 coats of Driftwood.

Driftwood is a creamy off-white polish that seems to have beige undertones.

The first coat was very streaky but this polish self leveled like a dream.

This polish was a soft enough white that didn't make me look like I was wearing white out on my nails.

Here I compared it to Illamasqua Load. You can see Load is much more yellow and had a spotty consistency compared to Driftwood.

Both are unique enough to justify having both, in my book.

This is 2 coats of Moss.

Moss is a minty green creme polish. Ignore my messy fingers. I was very tired when I swatched this!

This was also a self leveling dream.

This was also a green that didn't give me lobster hands.

I will say, I have two other polishes from the Evolve collection and they all apply like butter. I could rave and rave about these polishes. I had never been interested in trying this brand before but I'm glad I finally did. The brush is on the thinner side. I would compare the brush to a China Glaze brush. I love the handle as well- it's a grippy rubber that makes it easy to open.
I can't wait to try more collections from this brand.

Do you own any SpaRitual polishes?


  1. Moss is gorgeous! I need to try this brand!

  2. They look amazing!

    And don't worry, I don't think you have offended anyone. I don't quite understand the opposite...

  3. Love Driftwood!! Looks like french Vanilla cream!!

  4. I think I'll be trying this brand, they looks really good!

  5. I have been hearing great stuff about sparitual lately. I think I'm gonna pick up a bottle or two next time...

  6. Great Swatches!! Moss looks beautiful!


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