Friday, May 27, 2011

Urban Outfitters New Polish

I actually don't know if these polishes are new because I haven't stepped into an Urban Outfitters store since December. But, these bottles are a different shape from their other bottles. I actually like the change in the bottles. I think these look more suave.

Barstool and Ashtray.

This is 3 coats of Barstool.

Barstool is a greyed out blue jelly.

Like typical jelly polishes, this polish is a bit sheer. It's a lovely color and effect though.


This is 2 coats of Ashtray.

Ashtray is a dark grey shimmer polish.

This grey has green undertones.

This polish was a bit brush-stroke ridden.

I only bought these two polishes but I'm happy with them. The formula was good and the brush was okay. The bottles are square and look cute in my helmer.

Do you have any UO polishes? 


  1. I love those bottle shapes! I have no UO polishes, but I do like Barstool, even if it is a bit sheet. It looks like wet cement.

  2. oh yea ...

    I am gifting you with the Kreativ Blogger Award! <3 No biggie if you don't want to participate (or already received it), but swing by my blog to have a good laugh at my secrets :D

  3. I don't own any UO polishes but I might run down t the nearest store and get barstool now! Love it!

  4. barstool looks nice, too bad it's so sheer :-/

  5. Ashtray, what an awesome name! =D

  6. I love Barstool! It complements your skin tone. :) It reminds me of Orly Mirror Mirror.

  7. Love both and yes barstool is pretty on you. Nice color!!

  8. Barstool reminds me of GITA without the Glitter. Wonder how that would layer?? I love both of those. Nice!

  9. Nina- I will have to try GiTA layered over Barstool!

    Thanks everyone <3

  10. A jelly grey--I may have to track that one down. I have no UO in my stash at all.


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