Thursday, June 2, 2011

6/2/11 NOTDs

This is 2 coats of of Love & Beauty Currant.

Currant is a dusty red creme polish.

This is the polish my cousin accidentally bought me when I was looking for this.

I actually wasn't feel red so I took this off right away.

Red Rum.

This is 3 coats of Nina Ultra Pro Passion Pink.

Passion Pink is a bright pink creme. 

I remember the formula on this being a little problematic.

I got a bit bored with this polish and added some glitter.

I added a coat of Wet N Wild Cloud 9 and a coat of Jordana Silver Jewel.

This was incredibly fun at night but the next day I was a bit sick and it was too much to look at. >.<

Every time I see these pictures I think of clowns or circuses.

Here you can see a bit of Cloud 9, which is the smaller glitter.

I'm not sure if I'm loving this glitter on the pink polish.

To mellow out after my last crazy mani, I put on Barry M Dusky Mauve.

I've already reviewed this polish on my blog before. So I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Have you had any crazy NOTDs lately?


  1. I have a crazy Nail of the Day on right now actually! I finally found Sally Hansen's gold crackle and tried it out over a turquoise! Love it!

    I'm loving your pink Wet and Wild with the sparkle because from certain angles it kind of looks like watermelon!

  2. i really like passion pink, it looks very creamy

  3. That Dusky Mauve is soooo pretty. I think you could sell me any shade really though....your nails always look fab!

  4. Beautiful swatches as always! The glitter definitely helped out that pink. :)

  5. Beautiful all of them. I just had a pedi with Piggy polish better off red. Not sure of it yet. It is more of a tomato bright glowing color. I sorta like it but I may change.


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