Wednesday, June 8, 2011

China Glaze OMG

I hope you aren't holo-ed out after yesterday's post. Today's post is one very special polish. It was gifted to me from my friend Kittentoes over on MUA.

This is 3 coats of OMG.

OMG is a silver holographic polish with a strong linear effect.

This polish seemed so unobtainable for so long. I looked in many old beauty supply stores searching for this beauty.

I never thought I would own this polish until it was kindly gifted to me. I remember opening this package and being so excited and happy I could cry. :)

I think you can still find this bad boy on ebay for some high prices. Try to do some local dusty hunting and see what you might find.

Can you tell that I'm in love with this polish?

In person, I was so amazed by the holographic effect. I don't think a polish has gotten me this excited in a while.

She also sent me this awesome necklace made from nail polish that I wear every single day.

I get compliments on this necklace all the time.

Two of my favorite things.

Have you ever gotten this excited over a polish? :)


  1. I hope you paid for that in Schrute Bucks LOL office humor.

  2. I got that excited when I got Nfu-Oh 61! I often get excited when I get new nail polishes, they are just so fun! So jealous that you got this color!

  3. Can never get too much holo!!
    I've got a few new color club holos (nowhere near as holo as this!) and OPI DS Sapphire gets me pretty excited. Wish I could track down more colours!

  4. I am soooooo beyond jealous of you =P that is one of the colors I'm dying for haha!

  5. Awesome, I still have this in my untrie's, but it's gorgeous in the bottle and on the it!

  6. so pretty! I really hope CG bring out another awesome holo collection soon!

  7. I LOVE it ! This color is gorgeous !

  8. this is truly OMG!!! never too much for holos >.<

  9. I see holo nails AND The Office.. AMAZING! I want a linear holo like this so bad. I just need to get my hands on this. When you firt apply this does it have a glossy finish or a more satin/dusty finish? That's been my expierience with the two shattered holos I have.

  10. Dani Rage- OMG doesn't have a very shiny appearance but how it dried is how it looks in my pictures because I didn't add any top coat.

    Thanks everyone!

  11. I love this color, and I often use it ;) I just am a hugeeee holo lover ;) Looks great on you.

  12. What polishes are on the necklace?

  13. The last time I got excited over a polish color was when I got my Jade nail polish from sephora. Oh man I could cry


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