Saturday, June 18, 2011

OPI Shatter Polishes

This is 1 coat of OPI Red Shatter over Milani Gold Glitz. I used a layer of topcoat.

The Red Shatter polish has a jelly consistency so if it is worn over a glitter- the glitter shines through.

I love the combo of the red and the gold.

You can see here on the glitter can be seen under the Red Shatter.

This is 1 coat of OPI Navy Shatter over OPI Teenage Dream.

Navy Shatter is also a jelly crackle polish! :)

I hate breaking nails. My nails look so stubby here :(.

Stubby little lady fingers.

This is 1 coat of Blue Shatter over OPI Kinky In Helsinki.

And here it is with top coat.

Blue Shatter is a crackle polish with shimmer. It's very lovely.

I love the color contrast in the shatters.

How do you feel about shatter polish?


  1. Just when I think I'm over the crackle I see swatches like yours and fall in love all over again. I think my current mani (Play the Peonies w/I Lily Love You) might need a coat of red shatter to shake it up!

  2. I love love love these. The turquoise is beautiful too!

  3. I like the one with the black over the glitter polish !

  4. I love your red/gold combo! I gave away my blue shatter because i couldn't get it to "shatter" stayed so chunky. I feel like some of them are way better than others.

  5. Wow, you really do the best combinations Rachel! I don't fancy the new Shatters at all but you make them look good

  6. Navy Shatter looks very lovely over Teenage Dream!

  7. I didnt realize the navy shatter was a jelly crackle - I love the way it looks.

  8. I love shatters so much. I'm so addicted. I was trying to NOT buy Navy Shatter but I think I need it!


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