Thursday, July 7, 2011

Layla Magneffect Polishes

I was so happy to find, of all things, magnetic polishes at the beauty show I went to. I have been trying to get my hands on these polishes for what seems like forever. I saw a picture of a magnetic polish before I was even into polish and I've never stopped wanting to try one.

This is 1 coat of 2.

2 is a purple magnetic polish.

The magnet is located on the top of the bottle and is super easy to use. All I had to do was paint my nail and then hold the magnet close to my nail for 10 seconds.

This was my first time using a magnetic polish, so my lines aren't perfect.

This is 1 coat of 4.

4 is a medium teal blue magnetic polish.

Aren't these fun?

I've sent an email to the company asking if there is an American based retailer for these polishes and I hope to hear from them!
**EDIT** I just received an email from the company saying they are launching their magneffect line officially at CosmoProf 2011 in Las Vegas and the retailers will be released then.


  1. OMG I am jealous! It's beautiful. I've been wanting some really badly too. When you hear about a retailer please let us know! =)

  2. Layla is an Italian brand. I looove their crackle polishes called 'Graffiti Top Coats'!! And these are the most gorgeous magnetic colors I've seen so far! The magnet on the cap makes the so practical, too.
    (PS: sorry if I always comment as anonymous, I follow you as JenMei, but Blogger doesn't allow me to enter with my google account....)

  3. These are so neat. Ugh I want some!

  4. Those are GORGEOUS!!! I need that teal one.

  5. Wow do you know where we can buy them?

  6. I love this!! I have a question though I'm big on not using harsh chemicals on my nails. Do you know if these are 3 free? Or if they contain any yuck stuff?

  7. I love this effect . It's beautiful !

  8. I am dying to try magnetic polishes! These colors are beautiful, esp the teal!!

  9. I can't wait until Ulta gets these! Although mine probably won't cause it's awful!

    It looks awesome on you though!

  10. OMG! I have heard about these but never seen them in real life. they are like unicorns, everyone knows about them but no one has ever seen them...dear polish gods please let these be sold in stores and not just online only!

  11. Liz'sPinkNails- They have not released any US retailer names yet!

    Polish Vixen Marisa- That I don't know. Try contacting the company. :)

    Nicnacksnails- I don't think these are coming to Ulta!

  12. I've never seen this before, very cool!

  13. Turtlechick found some at Walgreen's! I really really want a star magnet though.


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