Monday, July 11, 2011

Nubar Polishes

I only have a few Nubars in my collection. I think it's because they're somewhat hard for me to get my hands on. I enjoy looking at polishes in person. I love their bottle shape and the brush works just fine for me.

This is 2 coats of Wildlife.

Wildlife is a green polish with pink duochrome.

I thought this polish was going to be sheer but it only took 2 coats for full coverage. 

Something about this polish is swampy. I love it.

This is 2 coats of Reclaim.

Reclaim is a medium green polish with a linear holographic effect.

I usually don't take pictures in the sun because I usually swatch at night but this holo called for some sun!

Pretty, ain't she?

I think Nubar has gotten to me! I may need to be purchasing some more Nubar polishes soon.


  1. Oh god, I think I need both! I only have one Nubar polish in my collection so far but both of these look lovely!

  2. Reclaim has been getting so much good loving these days! I wore it for the first time last week and homg I was surprised with how holo it was! Wildlife is amazing too. My top 2 Nubars!

  3. Those colors are amazing! I don't have any Nubar (yet) and have been trying to be on a buy-freeze for a few weeks but these are making me itch to find them and order them from somewhere! Where do you get yours? :)

  4. I do own a couple of Nubar but never dared to buy a holo since I heard Nubar holos are top coat eaters. How was your experience with Reclaim? (in case you used a top coat obviously)

  5. Gorgeous! I don't own any Nubar but I really need to get my hands on Reclaim!

  6. Oooh, I have both of these and Purple Rain on the way to me =) They are going to be my first Nubar's too! I'm looking forward to trying them and think I'll order a lot more :p

  7. Oh how I love Reclaim! I am also someone who likes to look at the polishes I buy, so that is why I don't have any Nubars yet. There is only one place in my area that sells them, and they don't have very many, and definitely not Reclaim which would be mind in an instant!

  8. Every swatch I've seen of reclaim is so gorgeous .

  9. I love Nubar! And I've never heard of the holos being Top Coat Eaters. What you do is get on the Nubar mailing list and maybe watch the Twitter feed (either on Twitter or you can get an RSS of the tweets), and when Nubar has a 20% off sale, pounce! I think there's a free shipping threshold, too, so if you can be patient, you can have a wallow purchase at the site. I think I've ordered from Nubar about 3 times this way. And every time I think I'm finally done, I see new swatches, Nubar comes out with a new line, and I'm ready for the sale again. ^_^

    And no, not a Nubar rep, just an enthusiast - who can attest to the gorgeousness of Reclaim. Yum! If you love green, try Greener, too.

    love, lore

  10. Nubar is amazing and these polishes look lovely on you.

  11. So far all I have is 2010 and Reclaim. I really really want more though! I have a ton in a shopping cart waiting for the right paycheck to buy them with :)

  12. Reclaim is absolutely GORGEOUS with your skin tone!! Stunning!

  13. Erika- I bought mine on my trip to Vegas.

    Jenny- Glitters are usually referred to as "top coat eaters" but I do think that some top coats can fade the holo-ness. I have not tried a top coat with reclaim! When I do use top coat on top of holos I use OPI DS top coat.

    Lore- Thanks!


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