Sunday, July 10, 2011

Real Gold Glitter

Are you sick of seeing polishes from my trip to Las Vegas yet? I hope not!
These are some more polishes I stumbled onto at the beauty show. These glitters are made from real gold and silver. Pretty cool, huh? These glitters also came with a top coat that is meant to enhance the shine of the glitters. I actually like the top coat quite a bit and wore it with my glitter polishes. It's isn't quick dry, though.

This is 1 coat of 22kt. Gold Glitter over China Glaze Frostbite.

22kt. Gold Glitter is a gold glitter polish with tiny gold glitter particles.

I really love the tiny glitter. It's a way to add flair to a manicure without it becoming a disco ball.

I love these glitters over Frostbite.

This is 1 coat of 12kt. White Gold Glitter over Essie First Dance.

12kt. White Gold is a silver glitter polish with tiny glitter particles.

I don't know if it is the reflection of the red, but sometimes this glitter also shows a bit gold.

It's a bit gold here.

This is 1 coat of Real Silver Glitter over China Glaze Frostbite.

Real Silver Glitter is a silver glitter polish with tiny glitter particles.

I think this is my favorite combination yet.

I like the subtle differences between each polish, but realistically, having only one of these would have made me happy. But the bottles REALLY make me happy.

I like being able to do things like this.

And this. :D

They also had a red glitter that was to die for. I'm still kicking myself for passing it up.


  1. Those glitters are INCREDIBLE with Frostbite!

  2. What a cute glitters! Lovely manicures.

  3. Hahahah these are awesome and I love your bottle "poses". Too cute.

  4. Wow I can't believe they have real gold polishes!! So cool!!


  5. Hi Rachel, do you know if these glitters can be bought online?

  6. Oh geesh these are incredible!!! What a great idea!

  7. these are AWESOME, how do I find them to purchase?

  8. Your layering is always the best :D

  9. How pretty!! I was in Vegas in March but hadn't seen this brand or else I would have bought it for sure!

  10. Jenny- Sorry I don't! I'm trying to get some extras so everyone can get their hands on them :(

    Carrie- I'm not sure!

  11. I don't really like frostbite on its own but with the glitters it comes to life and looks pretty

  12. Wow, China Glaze Frostbite is an AMAZING bright blue! It looks sort of like the Sinful Colors blue I have, only brighter.


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