Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Oldies But Goodies

I often find myself in the back of a beauty supply store trying to weed out the hidden treasures from the junky, crappy stuff. Yes, sometimes I end up with some stuff I should have probably left behind but often I go home with a little treasure in hand.

I picked up some China Glaze polishes from my beauty supply and I am loving these.

This is 3 coats of Rodeo Fanatic.

Rodeo Fanatic is a medium blue shimmer polish that has a glow to it.

It's very pretty and tad dusty looking too.

I love polishes that look lit from within.

This is 1 coat of  Custom Kicks.

Custom Kicks is a highly pigmented teal polish with gold shimmer.

This is my new favorite blue polish. It's LOVELY.

Isn't she pretty?

And here it is layered with Golden Rings.

Golden Rings is a glitter polish with sparse gold glitter.

This really adds to the gold shimmer in Custom Kicks.

Do you have any old China Glaze polishes you've found on a polish hunt?


  1. Gorgeous! Was just looking through my polish collection (so I could count them and index them in Excel - yes I'm a nerd) and I came across some oldies but goodies as well, totally forgot about some of the colors I had :S

  2. These are all very nice... I like how the Golden Ring looks layered over that Customs Kicks... NO luck here with the good old polishes.. I have seen so many I want too.

  3. gorgeuos colors, I even love the gold, and I hate gold toned things! These will def be put on my lemming list!

  4. WOW I am loving Rodeo Fanatic! It is gorgeous

  5. gorgeous combo i love these colors i should have bought them when i had them in my hand for my last haul....next time:)

  6. I want both of those blues! They've been on my list FOREVER! Good job with Golden Rings too. Sad that it's discontinued :(

  7. why on earth i never ever see this beautiful polish! oh now im drooling this new blue!

  8. Gorgeous! I love CG's formula!

  9. custom kicks is a personal favorite. I had to get mine off ebay but it was worth it for sure!

  10. I love Rodeo Fanatic, it's been on my wl for a while yet I always skip it somehow

  11. OOH I love Custom Kicks with Golden Rings!!! SOOOO Pretty!

  12. I really like the first two colors!! What a great find!!



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