Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adventures In Nail-Land

OPI Swimsuit..Nailed It! Stamped with Konad plate m83 with China Glaze Sci-Fi.

In real life this looked like shiny wrapping paper.

I received this Technic polish in a swap a while back. But the pink polish turned out to be a pink frosty mess.

I tried to add the glitter- but it just made a mess.

I went to a Japanese bookstore recently and picked up some goodies.

This has become my new favorite hand scrub. It smells like pears!

Some new Pa polishes. Guess what! The Eternal polishes are scented. :)

This. Is. Lovely.


  1. ah I don't think the pink looks like a mess hun, the colour is very pretty! the blue polish is gorg x

  2. I love that blue with konad ! I think that's a great holiday look for sure. I can see that in a red foil with gold as well for a holiday look. As always beautiful!!

  3. You just determined that I absolutely NEED that blue now lol. It looks gorgeous. I need to find a Japanese bookstore near me lol love your finds!

  4. I was just wondering where the store is that you get your Japanese polishes. I live in Michigan and I'd love to know!

  5. /im all late in replying...but did you go back to the same Japanese bookstore? i think we need to take another trip there~ i need some nail art magazines too :P

  6. I love the shade of that pink polish!

  7. I just got myself some Konad stamps and love the blue/silver combination, I will have to try that!


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