Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jordana Purple Glam

I bought Jordana Purple Glam on an impulse one day. I was at K-Mart stocking up on E.L.F. concealer brushes for my nail polish clean-up and I saw this polish. I had a feeling it would look like crap out of the bottle but that didn't stop me from trying it.

This is 2 coats of Purple Glam.

Purple Glam is a frosty purple polish with holographic glitter and holographic string glitter.

I actually kind of like this polish. Some of the string glitter gets lost in the base (which I thought would happen) but it had good coverage and I can't think of another polish in my collection like it.

I have to say, I was pretty happy with this one.

Have you ever bought a polish thinking it might disappoint you- but you were too curious to not get it?


  1. After wearing Connect the Dots a few times, I've started to like bar glitter a lot more. This is cute! It's like if NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost, ChG Fairy Dust, & that SH bar glitter polish all had a baby.

  2. It's really pretty.. this has caught my eye at the big K before too haha. Will pick it up next time!

  3. love that color might have to drag myself to kmart after my no buy is over.

    lol i have had that feeling of thinking i might not like the color and buying it anyway. happened when i picked up icing's tiger's blood.
    i'd seen swatches which looked sooo pretty but in the store just looked so-so and totally orange not red like i had seen. But bought it anyway and glad i did, outside the store it looked darker and more like i thought it work look like.

  4. I bought this Jordana nail polish recently. I just love it! I ordered it online so I wasn't sure how cool it would be but it definitely is one of my favourites now! :)

    And yes, I'm often quite curious and have bought crappy polishes too. But often I sell or give them away as some one will like it anyway.

    Greetings, Noora

  5. I really love how this polish glistens when it hits light. I bought it this past weekend and I love it!


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