Sunday, August 21, 2011

LA Colors Live

Before I knew much about nail polish, I always passed the LA Colors polishes without looking at them. Knowing what I know now about polishes- I often take a second glance.

This is 2 coats of Live.

Live is a silver foil polish.

I actually love the way this polish looks against my skintone.


  1. i loce it too! did you get it from a dollar store because thats where i always find this brand. i love them!

  2. i meant to say i love it too...

  3. you should give us all a crash course in what you know about polishes.... I always pass by that brand also.

  4. Pretty silver foil! Looks a lot softer than the ones I have.. want!

  5. !!! I need this color!! Where can I get LA Color polishes?

  6. Anonymous- Interesting. :) I'll think about it!

    Alexisaurus- You can buy them online or I picked this one up at the Dollar Tree.


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