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Estie Time: Cleansers

I know this is a nail blog, but it's my blog. So I'm going to talk about skin! Skin care is really important to me and I would love to share what I know with my lovely readers. I'm am esthetician (if you don't already know!) and I taking care of my skin and other's skin.
Sometimes I have really strong opinions about skin care. It's my own opinion and I don't want anyone to take offense to it. 
My Japanese grandma always calls me an "estie". I think it's really cute so this segment is now called Estie Time. Don't worry! I'm still doing plenty of nail related posts :).
And in case you're wondering- you pronounce Esthetician:
I hoped that helped someone!

Today I thought I'd focus on the cleansers I use. I suggest buying a cleanser based on your skin type and skin condition. My skin type is combination. This means I have an oily t-zone but I can also have dry patches. My condition is sensitive and breakout-sensitive. This means my skin is more easily irritated, quicker to flush, and also I'm more sensitive to getting spots.

I do not use drugstore or department store products on my face. I only use spa/professional lines.
I will do another post if anyone is interested in why.

I use quite a few different cleansers. And yes, really a person only needs 1 or 2. But I like to try things and I've also figured out what works for me.

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1) Murad Refreshing Cleanser $29.50
  • Removes surface impurities and make up
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
This is the cleanser I use the most in my evening shower. The algae in it makes it foaming and frothy. I've found this leaves my skin soft and moisturized but not greasy. I also love that it has cucumber and Hawaiian white ginger- both of these are great for sensitive skin.

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2) Murad Essential-C Cleanser $35
  • Washes away environmental impurities 
  • Restores moisture to dehydrated skin
This is the other cleanser I use in the shower at night. I alternate between Essential C and Refreshing. Essential C can be a bit too moisturizing for my skin sometimes but I love the orange smell and the fact that it uses antioxidants to help with free radical damage.

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3) Sanitas Glycolic Citrus Cleanser $31.00
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid stimulates skin
  • Exfoliates, removes impurities, oil, and make-up
  • Products even tone, firmer skin, and smoother texture
I use this cleanser every other morning. First of all, it has hyaluronic acid it in. That is my favorite ingredient of all time. Secondly, when I added this cleanser to my  morning- my skin stayed less oily, broken out, and uneven toned.

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4) Sanitas Lemon Cream Cleanser $29
  • Gently cleanses while delivering Hyaluronic acid and antioxidants
  • Vitamin E aids in tissue repair and protects from environmental stress
This is my resting cleanser. I use this in the morning when I'm not using my GC cleanser. I really have nothing to say about besides I like it. It works well as my skin feels soft and lovely when I use it. I love HA. I could bath in it.

5) Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser $35
  • Exfoliates dry, dull, uneven skin
  • Leaves skin smooth and hydrated
This cleanser I use twice a week. I use this as my exfoliator. I prefer AHA exfoliators over scrubs. I feel scrubs can usually be harsh. I'm talking about you St. Ive's Apricot Pit Scrub. Apricots are sharp! HELLO TINY MICRO-TEARS. Sigh, that is another story indeed.

As long as someone is interested- I'll be covering moisturizers next.

Comments? Questions?
Post it in the comments!


  1. thanks for the info. I don't like to spend time washing maybe you could make a must have list!!!

  2. Haha, I remember learning about how rough the apricot scrub was on my face. I freaked out cause I didn't want tiny scars. Now I think I use Lush Mask of Magnaminty (cause I have oily combo skin too!) and it feels cooling and refreshing after I wash it off. :D I'll have to check out the two Murads since they probably sell them at Sephora. Thanks! :)

  3. I'm definitely interested in learning about moisturizers next! I feel like I can't find one for my combination skin! After I wash my face it feels dry but when I use moisturizer by the end of the day my face is slightly oily again! I know the problem probably is that I'm not buying the right products, but I'm not one to spend almost $30 per facial products. Maybe I could find a cheaper one that does the same stuff! Thanks for this educational stuff !

  4. Thank you so much for this post!! I seem to have the same skin type as you, so I'm definitely going to be trying these out! Can't wait to hear your take on moisturizers =)

  5. Anon- What do you mean by a must have list?

    elbee- It's really scary when you think about it!

    AlyssaNoel- Usually if your face feels dry after washing- it's a sign that your cleanser is too drying. What kind of cleanser are you using? Also, sometimes skin care products can be expensive but it is an investment. :)

    Jacqui- Yay! :) I'm glad you enjoyed this post.

  6. I'm using a noxema one. I forget the full name but it's the one at the bottom that says 'formulated for adult skin' lol I chose that one because I don't have severe acne or anything, but I get the occassional (yet still annoying!) pimple. You're right, maybe I should suck it up and buy a nice cleanser and moisturizer and see which ones work for me!

  7. It's very possible that it is drying you out. Almost everyone gets pimples. It's just learning about how to control them :)

  8. Omg I LOVE Murad! I am currently using the Resurgence line. Do you happen to know the difference between the refreshing wash and the resurgence wash? They both seem to be for aging/sensitive skin. I would love a post on moisturizers! Those seem so hard to find the "right one". Thank you so much!

  9. I love that you are doing this segment! I'm a Cosmo student at Aveda right now but I love learning about skin care. I have a hard time finding a moisturizer I like so I'm interested to see what you have to say about them. I have dry skin but I HATE using creams, they feel way too heavy and oily. On the flip side most moisturizers don't give my skin enough hydration so I have a hard time finding one that meets my needs!

  10. Jess- I know exactly what you mean :). I feel that once you find a moisturizer that is actually not crappy and works- I can deal with it being a little heavier because I know it's not clogging my pores.

    Krista- I've glad you love murad! I love murad too :D. The refreshing cleanser is for sensitive, slightly dry to dry skin that is dealing with some fine lines. The Renewing Cleanser from the resurgence is a little heavier and for skin that is dealing with more aging factors. It's more of a cream as apposed to a foaming cleanser. I believe it also has enzymes in it to exfoliate the skin. I hope that helps!

  11. Thanks for your response! I have uber sensitive, dry skin. I think I may up end getting the refreshing wash and alternate with the renewing. Thanks again for your help :)

  12. Krista- No problem! If you're very sensitive have you tried the sensitive skin smoothing serum? I'm somewhat sensi and that helps protect my skin TONS.

  13. Yes I have the sensitive serum. That is the only product that I like from the sensitive/redness line. It is very soothing. Can't wait to hear about moisturizers. You've got me interested in the skin perfecting lotion (without SPF, because all SPF lotions break me out). Yes, Murad can be expensive, but it is an investment in your skin!! It also lasts forever!

  14. Krista- I'm the same with with SPFs but I've found a couple moisturizers that don't break me out. :) As soon as I have a bit of time I'll get my moisturizer post up. :)

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  16. It’s crucial to select a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. If your skin is oily or combination it must be stronger, more drying containing oil-absorbing ingredients. Order TopiramateThose with sensitive or dry skin should look for a mild, hypoallergenic cleanser containing more moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, such as vitamins, essential oils and minerals.


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