Monday, September 5, 2011

LA Colors Aqua Crystals

I never get sick of finding cool polishes at the dollar store. I've also really started loving LA Colors recently. :) Sometimes the best polishes are right under your nose. And sometimes they're over in Singapore waiting for you to purchase them on eBay.

This is 1 coat of LA Colors Aqua Crystals over a black creme polish.

Aqua Crystals is a bright blue glitter polish.

It looks like a picture of space on my nails.

And for a dollar, I am not complaining.


  1. Ahhhhhh!!!! That is so gorgeous!!! I need to go to my dollar store and pick one up. I can't stop staring!


  2. Oh yea this is a good one! Next time I wear it I will definitely put it over black.

  3. That looks so gorgeous! It totally did remind me of space, when I first saw it. I need this! Gonna have to go check out my local dollar store... :D

  4. Dollar stores are the bomb when it comes to nail polish, I always haul from the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. I have this color and I loooove it! it looks so pretty on you! I would never think to put it over a black. ive actually never worn black polish. Mind if I borrow your idea?!

  5. What a gorgeous bargain find!


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