Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Pumpkin Polishes

I love these pumpkins. I really do. I want them all. I want to build a house out of them.

This is 1 coat of the orange string glitter over black.

This polish is the one I don't like. So we're getting that one out of the way. It's this disgusting orange string glitter that wants to curl and look like worms on my nails. GROSS.

UGH. Just looking at this makes me feel queasy.

Does anyone remember the Goosebumps episode with the worms that like took over a kids life? And in the end he had to fight a giant worm? It's all coming back to me...

This is 3 coats of the blue hex glitter.

Okay, this is how glitters should be done. 

This is 2 coats of the orange hex glitter.

This polish had a smoky grey base. I don't think I have another polish this color, even. Very unique.

This is 2 coats of the black hex glitter.

The black hex polish had a black base and silver hexs. I am loving these glitters. Eating them up!

This is 2 coats of the orange glitter polish.

This glitter polish had a smoky base with two different sized orange glitter.

This is the silver and black glitter over China Glaze Hey Sailor.

Silver and black glitter. I'm pretending this is squashing my lemming for Lynnderella's Connect The Dots.

Well? What do you guys think of the pumpkins?


  1. Beautiful! Esp. the blue, orange and black hex. glitter polish :)

  2. Thank you for the swatches!
    They are great!

  3. !!!! please do build a house out of them. that'd be awesome! they didn't have all these at my rite aid, only a few. lets see. yes i remember that episode, terrifying. and the blue hex glitter one looks so much like gone gonzo, and blue mosaic!! lovely!

  4. I like the one with holographic crescent moons, so pretty!

  5. Those are so cute! Where do you find these? CVS?

  6. Yes! Please do tell us where you found these no name pumpkin polishes! I really want some of these.

  7. They are pretty!! But the first one made me Laugh!!!! How ugly is that! Lol!! I am loving all the rest!

  8. Maki- Thanks!

    Carolina- Thanks!

    Joy- AHHHHH that episode! >.<

    Anna- I do love that one too.

    Anon & Heather- I found mine at Meijers. But they've also been spotted at Rite Aids in the Halloween section.

    Nina- IKR? I was like they are not seriously trying to sell this... But I feel like all the other ones made up for it :)

  9. Loved the Goosebumps reference! I watched one of the newer ones where the kid thought there was a shark in the city pool, still scared the crap out of me LOL.

  10. I love the smokey grey and orange. that's soo my colour!

  11. Granola is one of my favorite foods, and this looks so yummy!
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