Monday, October 17, 2011

Missha JRD01 & MAC Quiet Time

I need more Missha polishes in my life. And this is proof.
This is 2 coats of Missha JRD01.

JRD01 is a coral pink glitter polish. It smells like rose, literally.

I've been buying all my Missha polishes from here. The seller is awesome and includes a ton of free samples. I've only had one problem. Once, the seller sent me the wrong polish instead of this one. The seller doesn't speak great English so it took a few messages for her to understand. Once she did, she apologized and sent a replacement out. Since then, no problems what so ever. She even sent me more samples and a hand written note apologizing with the replacement.

This is 3 coats of MAC Quiet Time.

Quiet Time is a grey brown creme polish.

I am starting to love MAC nail polish. But I do hate going into the MAC store. When I bought this polish I literally stood in front of the counter for 10 minutes holding it. I tried to get the attention of the Sales Associate about 5 or 6 times before she walked over and asked if I needed help. They only had one girl working up front but I could hear 2 more people giggling in the back.
There is a MAC stand in a Nordstroms in another mall near me with MUCH better service. The girls there are always willing to help me. But the other MAC stand in the Macy's by my house- is terrible. Once I asked for a bronzer and the man working there rudely told me he didn't have a bronzer that would look good at me. At first I was kind of taken aback. I guess they were out of stock of the right kind and I asked if something else would work. He just kind of shrugged and walked away.
I work with the public all day long. I know not everyone is nice and a lot of people are crazy to deal with but I really don't think that's an excuse to have a crappy attitude. 
I usually don't go off about these things but I really wish the MAC Sales Associates would clean up their act.


  1. Poop to the MAC girls. At least say, "I'm sorry, I'll be right with you!" instead of just ignoring people. I don't normally like brown cremes, but I do like light brown cremes that look more neutral than brown. Lookin good! :)

  2. I really like this MAC on you. I'm starting to get into their polishes too and I may have to snag this one myself! But I agree, the sales associates at the MAC store and the MAC in the Macy's by me are always SO rude! I would probably have more MAC stuff if I didn't dread asking for help at their stands...

  3. Yup I got the cold shoulder at the MAC counter too. My BF really wanted to buy me some MAC makeup & took me. They were more eager to help him than me.


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