Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nails Inc Bloomsbury Square

I was so excited when I heard Nails Inc would be carried at my local Sephora. I've wanted to try this brand for a while. When I got to Sephora, most of the polishes I wanted to try were already sold out. Boo.
So I ended up taking this loner home.

This is 1 coat of Nails Inc Bloomsbury Square over black.

Bloomsbury Square is an opaque glitter polish with both purple and pink glitter.

I love the color combo.

What are your favorite nails Inc polishes?


  1. Right now I have 20 Nails Inc and am waiting on 8 more in the mail-since I'm in the USA-I've had to order from the UK and find a blog buddy to get them for me! I just love this brand-Victoria, St Pancras, Franklins Row are awesome

  2. Do you know how this compares to OPI DS Temptation?

  3. So pretty. I saw this colour on a shop but I didn't get it:) Looks beautiful

  4. Fingers-Wow you have quite the collection :)

    Thenailaholic- :P

    Alexandrarc- I don't have OPI DS Temptation...yet :P

    Beautyshades- Thanks!

  5. Ohh pretty. :) I don't own any Nails Inc polishes. I may have my boyfriend send over a couple. :)


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