Thursday, October 20, 2011

NYX Girls Spam

This is a bittersweet post. I found a beauty supply store around me that sells NYX Girls for $1.50 each. But I had a horrible experience there. I would first like to say me and my friends were NOT greeted when we entered the store. The two sales associate just stared at us. I started picking out some polishes and one of the sales associates came over and watched us from about a foot away. It was so awkward. Then, by accident I ran into a shelf while I was getting up from the floor (that's where the polishes were). Mind you, this shelf was HANDMADE and rickety. Well, long story short- I ended up breaking a weird doll thing. The sales associate that was watching us literally shouted at the other girl, "SHE BROKE A DOLL. SHE BROKE ONE. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?"
Talk about awkward!
So the lady turned around and practically yelled at me again- "SO OUR STORE POLICY IS IF YOU BREAK IT YOU BUY IT. SO UH- ARE YOU GUNNA PAY NOW OR DO YOU NEED TO CALL SOMEONE?"
She was so rude.
I agreed to pay for it (mostly because I wanted to buy the polishes I picked out). As I was paying for it- the rude sales associate turned around and asked if we left yet. I wanted to punch her in the face.
So, basically I'm on the lookout of another store in town that sells these polishes for cheap. It's too bad for the store, but they lost my business and the business of my polish buddies. 
If anyone is curious (or are from Michigan) this is the beauty store called Star Beauty in Centerline, MI.

But anyway, on to the swatches.

This is 3 coats of Shimmer.

Shimmer is a pink foil polish with silver pieces.

This is 2 coats of the Perfect Gray.

Perfect Gray is a slate grey creme. It had a great formula.

This is 2 coats of Grand Royal over Perfect Gray.

Grand Royal is a smaller silver glitter and larger glitter hex polish.


This is 3 coats of Boho.

Boho is a medium green polish with silver shimmer.

This is 2 coats of Ink Heart.

Ink Heart is a deep blue creme polish.

This is 2 coats of Robotic.

Well, I'm off to look for another store...


  1. i hate when salespeople are rude. even if they're miserable at their job, it's not the customer's fault! also i'm super jealous that you found somewhere that sells nyx girls. i've only been able to find them online, which drives me nuts because you can never really tell what the look like.

  2. Ugh, that's really rude! I would definitely say something to her...

  3. i love the colors your picked!!!! too bad your shopping exp sucked... I HATE ppl like that.. there is a lil shop I get these NYX they are super nice... always ask if I need help! I need to go pick some of these up

  4. HAHA. THIS POST. that was an unforgettable day~

  5. That is terrible!!! People are rude! I love robotic however!!

  6. OMG how rude! I would have probably said something to the people which would have caused them to say something which would not have ended well. I have no tolerance for rude behavior and I can be a bish so I would have taken all the polish I intended to buy, lined it up on the counter told them I WOULD have bought all this stuff but they can take their polish and doll and shove it. I would have then walked out without paying for the broken doll or buying any of the polish. I would have fumed for awhile too lol.

    You got a ton of pretties though :)


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