Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sally Hansen Crystal Ball Reswatched

I knew I wanted to reswatch a troublesome holographic polish with my new Nfu Oh Aqua Base.
This is 3 coats.

I was very, very lucky when I bought this polish. I found a seller on ebay selling the other polishes in this collection  for $5 each. I bought a couple and asked if she had this one too. She did and I ended up getting as well for $5. After that, they seemed to have mostly fizzled out. But knowing how the polish world is- I'm sure some more will show up again someday.


  1. I love Aqua Base. Did you like it? It seems to make a difference for me. Soooo pretty on you!

  2. Wowswes! That's an eyeful of holo goodness. And for five clams? You are one lucky ducky. :D

  3. Ahhhh!! I can't stop staring at it. It's super gorgeous! I didn't even know this polish existed!!!



  4. I have this one along with the purple one from back in the day. Not sure why I didn't purchase the others when I could!

  5. rock-or-not-Thanks!

    Nina Mule' Lyons- I do like the Aqua base! It seems to help.

    Ice Queen-Thank you!

    Alexisaurus-I believe there is another SH polish named Crystal Ball so it gets confusing. :)


    Angie-Oh I would kill for the purple one!

  6. Gorgeous! The Magicals are such mega-lemmings for me. I am lucky enough to have Blue Aura but I don't have any of the others. I hope I get really lucky one day and find this one, Purple Potion, and all the other colors. They are really just pure awesomesauce! :D


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