Saturday, October 8, 2011

Snail Slicks

Today I'm going to be showing you my Snail Slicks polishes. The only place I know they are sold at is here. (The only way I know of to find Snail Slicks on the site is to click on Nail Products. Then on 99 cent polishes and for some reason Snail Slicks is under that.) They do have a $25 minimum plus shipping and a delivery fee. So it can be a bit pricey.  But the polishes themselves are only $4 each and this is the website that sells the "David" top coat.

This is 1 coat of 5 over black.

5 is an opaque silver glitter.

This is 1 coat of 72 over black.

72 is a multicolored blue glitter.

This is 1 coat of 36 over black.

36 is an opaque purple glitter in a purple base.

This is 1 coat of 40 over black.

40 is a glitter polish with both dark and light green glitters.

This is 1 coat of 41 over black.

41 is a blue and purple glitter polish.

This is 1 coat of 30 over black.

30 is a dark green glitter polish.

I really love my new Snail Slicks!


  1. I am loving these! ESP the green and purple ones! Never heard of this brand before.

  2. Wow, they look so cool.
    Thank you for the swatches.

  3. Oh wow!!! These are gorgeous!! Thanks for the swatches!!!!


  4. I LOVE the greens!!! And #5 is wonderful!! Thanks!

  5. Okay. This post has added all of these to my lemmings list! LOL! They are so pretty!!! And I'm dying over the fact that they are called, "Snail Slicks"! And the lettering, the packaging...omg it's amazing! :D

  6. Fingers- Glad you like them!



    Nina Mule' Lyons-Thank you~


    I Drink Nail Polish- I hope you end up getting them!


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