Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hedy's Ma.Nish.Ma Polishes

I picked these up at Rite Aid a couple months ago. They didn't look very special in the bottle but I knew they would be awesome over black.
I also had a terrible break on a couple of my nails and had to nubbinize.

This is 1 coat of Beyond Opal over black.

Beyond Opal is a sheer white shimmer polish that turns green over black. 

This is 3 coats of Space Silver.

Space Silver is a sheer silver foil polish with holographic glitter.

This is 1 coat of Blaster over black.

Blaster is a purple and blue glass flecked polish.

This is 1 coat of Way Out Fuscia (their spelling, not mine) over black.

Way Out Fuchsia is a purplish pink glass flecked polish.


  1. Ooooh, the silver is so pretty! Do you know if these are only available at Rite Aid?

    Also, "nubbinize" is my new favorite word <3

  2. Pretty, I picked these up months ago and haven't gotten around to swatching them yet but I'm glad to know they look so good over black :-)

  3. I love them! I see these at Rite Aid all the time, and I always pass over them because I've never seen swatches. So thanks for doing that, I may pick a few up now =)

  4. I love how the green in Beyond Opal really shows over black!

  5. Way out Fuchsia looks very pretty over black polish.

  6. They're pretty! I just wish they hadn't decided to call them all "holographic". Sometimes think we out here know more about polish that the people running some of the companies that make it. :)

  7. These are really pretty! I'll have to go check out Rite Aid to see what nail polish they offer.

  8. I have Way Out Fuscia, but it's been sitting in my untrieds. It looks even better on the nail. I'm going to have to wear it soon ;0).

  9. Thanks for the swatches! I really hope they are still available at my local rite aid! How much were they??


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