Monday, May 21, 2012

Clean Up Brushes

I've tried just about every brush possible for the "Megan Chair Clean Up" Method.

One of the more popular brushes for clean up is the E.L.F. small Concealer brush.
(Photo from the E.L.F. Website)

This brush is really, really tiny in real life. Most Targets and Kmarts carry this brush for a dollar. I used this for a long time and it seemed alright. It just wasn't exactly working for me.

(Image from Target Website)

I also used this angled eyeliner brush for a while. I bought it for about 5 dollars at Target. It just wasn't working for me either.

All the other nail techs I work with use this brush here. I have about 6 different versions of this brush. They have different colored handles and sometimes vary a little in size. The handles on mine say "666 Kolinsky" and "14 Kolinsky England". I've found these to be the best brushes for cleanup. They are able to clean up most messes I make :).


  1. I recently starting using the E.L.F one you have posted. It is working very well for me so far. : )

  2. I also use a eyeliner brush with a tiny tip.

  3. I just use a cotton bud to do my clean up x :-)

  4. What is the fallout like on the Kolinsky? I am down to my last E.L.F. (the don't sell them here) and am looking for a replacement. I want something that doesn't die so fast and shed so much :\

  5. coincidentally, i was looking for a replacement Elf brush the week before last, went to 3 Targets and couldn't find any. I hope they didn't stop selling them. They work so well and are so inexpensive.


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