Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sinful Colors Steals Blogger Photographs

This is a very sad day in the nail world.
Recently, Sinful colors (which is now owned by Revlon) put out a big display of polishes which also had a pamphlet.

That pamphlet contained photos of bloggers nails which were used without permission.

Personally, I think this is horrible, wrong, and disgusting. It's bad enough that bloggers have to chase down ebay sellers whom steal our photos. Now huge companies are doing it too?
On top of that- they used photos of polishes that were not even THEIR brand and lied about the techniques used.

You can read even more information about it here.

All I ask is that you take the time to visit and sign the petition here.

I really hope Revlon/Sinful Colors tries to make it right, but as of right now they're saying it was a "mistake".

Yes, a "mistake" that intentionally photoshopped out watermarks....


  1. Calling it a "mistake" that's absurd. How can someone intentionally copy someone else's nails and paste them in their ad and call that a mistake? Sheez. How much more bad press can they generate?

  2. Wow... Another dramatic moment in the nail community. I hope Revlon/Sinful Colors gets their act together!

  3. This is indeed a sad day for the nail community. Unfortunately, I wanted to sign the petition, but it says it is closed :/


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