Monday, July 9, 2012

Stash Post: Helmer 1 Drawer 1

Today I have something different to share with you guys today. I have the first drawer of my helmer to show you! I've taken some lovely bottle pics just for your viewing pleasure.
This is drawer 1 of helmer 1. It stores my high end and indie polishes.
If you guys would like to see more posts like this in the future let me know!

Deborah Lippmann:
Just Dance, Mermaid's Dream, Forget You, Some Enchanted Evening, Across The Universe, Candy Shop, Boom Boom Pow, Today Was A Fairytale, and Bad Romance

Happy Birthday and Glitter In The Air

Delight, Vendetta, Rose Exuberant, Rose Cache, and Frisson 

Gold Fingers, Blue Satin, Peridot, Pirate, and April

Graphite, June, Black Pearl, and May

Vestral White, Ocean Dip, Hangin' Loose, Breezy Blue, and Salad Dressing

Biker Blue, Ming Blue, Studded, Rain Of Flowers, and Quiet Time

Smash, Rampage, Load, Throb, and Obsess

Taint, Phallic, Boosh, Swinger, and Faithful

Real Gold Glitters:
Pure Silver Glitter, 22Kt Red Gold Glitter, 12kt White Gold Glitter, and 22kt Gold Glitter

Random High Ends:
Dior Waterlily, NARS Bad Influence, NARS Super Orgasm, and Kat Von D WonderChild

Bisbee, A Positive, Archipelago, and Pegasus

Nerd Lacquer:
Gorramit, I Aim To Misbehave, Warrior Ethos, Resolutionary, and Argentum

I Think You Call Me Sexy, Cuprum, Shiny, Entirely Unlike Tea, and The Quantum Bluniverse

Don't Blink, Antisocial Media, Aurum, and Lento III

Shape Shifter, Nosegay, Boy-Girl Party, Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue, and The Glittering Crowd

The Bunny Code, Connect The Dots, Very Pretty Vampire, Love Potion No99, and Snow Angel

The Hungry Asian and Pretty & Polished:
Pony, Sneeze Breeze, Sea Creature, Jawbreaker, and Elvis' Pink Cadillac

I hope you enjoyed the bottle shots. I'll be posting more soon.


  1. I adored this post! I'd love to see more!

  2. Oh I would love to see more of what is in your stash! Love this post :) Some real beauties!

  3. Can't wait to see the next drawer!! Lovely stash so far.

  4. you have such a stunning collection of high end and indie polishes! *jealz*

  5. There's so many amazing polishes in your stash! They're all very beautiful.

  6. I love seeing posts of stashes!! Would love to see more!!

  7. You've really got some gorgeous shades there. I am envious.

  8. I'm so jealous of your Nerd Lacquer and Lynndarella collections!


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