Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stash Post: Helmer 1 Drawer 2

This is the 2nd drawer in my helmer.
This drawer holds some of my drugstore polishes.

Petite's Color Fever:
Daze, Black Diamond, Seashell, 24k Gold, and Vintage Gray

Periwinkle, Peach Blush, Pink Diamond, Galaxy, and Zodiac

Neon Dreams, Virgo, Raspberry Ice, Fairy Pink, Wild Plum, and Figi

Unnamed Pumpkin Polishes

More Pumpkins

Jesse's Girl
Crush, Blue Moon (way more purple in real life), Fire Fly, Midori, and Stiletto

Spring Break, JulieG, Confetti, and Flirt

Forever 21 flower polishes
I believe these have names but my bottles are label free.

Love & Beauty (Forever 21):
Blue, Teal, Mint, Gold, and Currant

Dusty Blue and Gold

NYX Girls:
Brand Royal, Enchanted Forest, Frizz Spots, Prismatic Gold, and Gilded Gold

Dynamic Glitter, Ink Heart, Acid Blue, and Forever Young

Unlabeled Goldie Polishes

Studio M:
Total Wow, Purple Medallion, Shabby Drab, Sleigh Bells, Slamming Red, and Fast Play

NOX Twilight:
Disco Darling, Poseidon, Red Velvet, and Debutante

L.A. Girls:
Celebrate, Uninhibited, and Utopia

Hard Candy:
Wicked, Break Up, and Sky

Man Glaze:
Fuggen Ugly, Mink Mittens, ILF, Lesbihonest, Fuck Off And Dye, and Butt Taco

I hope you enjoyed these bottle pics!


  1. Wow, nice I see some of my favorite polishes like LA Girl, Petites, NYX Girls!!


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