Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stash Post: Helmer 1 Drawer 4

This is the 4th drawer of my 1st Helmer.
This drawer contains random brands- drugstore and salon.

Finger Paints:
Tiffany Imposter, Military Green, Vintage Velvet, To-Teally Chic, and Art Of Theft

Comet's Collar, Cordur-Orange, Vermillion's Painting, and Stunning Stiletto's

Blue Raspberry Taffy, Circus Peanuts, Lemon Sour, and Grape Gumball

Motley, Flecked, Asylum, Flashy, Twisted, and Sparkle Top Coat

Dare To Wear:
Pop Artist, Rock Star, Social Butterfly, Fashion Fever, and Techno Beat

Dancing Shoes, Strobe Light, Dream Princess, and Disc Jockey

Get Funky, Lady Luck, and Disco Ball

Hot Pink, Teal, Gems, Gold, and Twinkle

Gold Glitz, Red Sparkle, Silver Dazzle, Blue Flash, and Purple Glam

Digital, Bare To Wear, and Dress Maker

New York Summer:
Hot Summer Red, Hot Orange, Hot Rocket Pink, Hot Magenta, and Hot Pink

Hot Purple, Hot Sky Blue, Hot Baby Blue, and Hot Green

Multi Glitter and Hollywood Night

American Apparel:
Bronze Dash, Gold Flash, and Smoke Dazzle

L'Esprit, Factory Grey, Hassid, Port, and 7th And Alameda

The Valley, African Violet, and Light Year

Ocean, Emerald, Royal, Cloud, and Electric

Ruby Ribbon, Powder Puff, Emerald City, and Fire Fox

BBurnt, Psychedelic, Hologram, and Midas


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