Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Helmer 1: Drawer 5

This is the 5th drawer in my first helmer. This drawer holds drugstore brands and some salon brands.

Industrial Age, Starry Night, Frozen Tears, Scent of Lilac, and Orange Slush

Pink This, Camo Loco, Goldilocks, Steal This Teal, and Purple Nurple

Hedy's and OCC:
Beyond Opal, Way Out Fuscia, Blaster, Swamp Thing, Ghostly, and Rx

Grape Swirl, Divas Only, Kingdom Of Shadow, and Mystic Elements

Sonic Sunset, Blazes Of Blue, Ice Princess, Gold Wash, and Shimmer Girl

Silver Jewel, Mellow Yellow, Boy Oh Boy, Blue Bash, Sequins, Fairy Dust, and Celestial

Wet N Wild:
Cost Is No Issue, Rockin' Rubies, Diamonds In The Rough, Believe Me, It's Real, 24 Carats, It's All In The Cut, and Give Me A Price Quote

Light With Caution, Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, Ready To Pounce, Cougar Attack, Hannah Pinktana, and Tangled In My Web

Beautiful But Dangerous, Correction Tape, Party Of Five Glitters, School Of Pyrotechnics, Spontaneous Combustion, Explosions After Dark, and Stars & Stripes

 Midnight, unnamed, Purple Potion, Creepy Pumpkin, and Black Magic

Bow In My Presence, Jewels For Your Highness, The Crown Is Mine, and Born Into Privilege

Diamond Cosmetics:
Chunky Glitter, Chainmail Charm, Cherry Tobacco, Rubies & Diamonds, and Amethyst & Diamonds

Seafoam Spray, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Not Your "Hum Drum" Plum, Under The Willow Tree, and unnamed

Silk Robe, Russian Sage, Lilac Mist, and Heartbreak

Shhh...Quiet!, Deviant Little Sneaker, Twinkling Glitter, and Top Thong

Camouflage, Bedazzler, Violet Tint, Solar Eclipse, and Disco Diva

Jessica and Fright Night:
Fancy Pants, VooDoo, and Phantom


  1. You have a lot of drugstore brands that are not in any of the stores around me! :(

  2. Drooling over the Duris and Misas!!

  3. I miss those old Wet & Wild The Nail Zone polishes. I had a BUNCH of them!

  4. I need to convince my husband that a helmer would be a smart investment. I think he afraid that I will work to fill it.LOL


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