Monday, August 13, 2012

Helmer 1 Drawer 6

This is the last drawer in my first helmer. 
This drawer has mostly drugstore brands and some salon brands.

Sally Hanson:
Unlabeled, unlabeled, unlabeled, Blush Diamond, and Garnet Lapis

Mystical Mandarin, Crystal Ball, Copper Cauldron, and Fairy Pink Dust

White Gold, Rhodolite Chrome, Aisle Be There, and Glass Slipper
Celeb City, Night Lights,and Black Out

Golden Flash, Opulent Cloud, Showgirl Chic, and Lavender Cloud

Fairy Berry, Tinka's Dress, Once Upon A Time, and Humpty Dumpty

Prism@tic White, Blue Ray, and Gagalectric

My Boyfriend's Jeans, Forever Mine, Fivepocket Grey, High Waist Pink, and I Love My Jeans

Forget Me Not, I Like, Bloom A Loom, Time For Reflection, and Point Break

Julia, Romeo, Gabriella, and Troy

Bella, Edward, Chuck, and Blair

Coat by Coastal Scents:
Comet, Tweedia, Cosmic, and Galaxy

Cult Nails:
In A Trance, Enigmatic, and Awakening

Chelsea and Color Club:
Sapphire Gem, Amethyst Gem, Vintage Blue, Revvvolution, and Brown Velvet

Rimmel and Nina Ultra Pro:
Rave, Camouflage, Blue La La, Sailor, Purple Xing, and Never Glum Plum

Sation, Meteorites, Nutra Nail, Paris, and LEX Cosmetics:
Starlight Covers, Vulcan Probe, Lightning, Unlabeled, and Seattle Sunshine

Jade, Del Sol, and NYC:
Mysterious Pleasure, Maiden Kiss, Provocative, Ruby Slipper, and Starry Silver Glitter

Nail Fetish, Moodies By Nubar Avon, BleachBlack, and a rebottled Nic's Sticks
Babe, Red/Orange Sparkle changes to Orange Sparkle, Splendid Blue, Jizz, and Silverella

Manic Panic, Snowman, and Nic's Stick
MP020, unlabeled, and Rainbow's End

Saint George and Tristam

My Frankens.

Owl's Night and Crystal

Thanks for looking! Look out for my Helmber 2 posts!


  1. I have really enjoyed looking at your collection. I am always intrigued to see what nailpolish nail bloggers have :) Thankyou, keep it up :)

  2. Wow, what goodies you've got in this drawer! I see lots of vintage gems here!

  3. i get a kick out of a lot of the brands from Y&B place is like crack p.s. we need to do a date night again and MAYBE if you're lucky i'll gift you what remains of my DS collection when i move ;) -the other asian at LUV

  4. Your collection is just AMAZING!!!


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