Friday, August 10, 2012

What Are You Burning? Day 1 SOTD

I've recently become obsessed with candles again. I go through spurts of loving candles and their fragrances. I always love having a candle burning or a tart melting.
I do love some scents that are unusual. (According to my father)
I thought it might be fun to show you guys what scents I'm currently loving while giving you guys a suggestion for scents as well!

   Today's SOTD (scent of the day) is...

Candles By Victoria Amaretto.

I bought the 4 oz candle since I like to change my scents constantly. The wax is a dusty red color.

The smell reminds me a bit of my childhood. It smells similar to cherry chapstick. (Did you kiss a girl and like it?) I used to love cherry chapstick as a kid. I probably ingested so much of that stuff. I would say the smell is pretty much dead on to what I remember. It even has that "waxy" smell chapstick has. I am very impressed with it.
It also fills the whole room with the smell very, very quickly. I had it out in my living room and my whole first floor smelt like the candle within 10 minutes. I was impressed since it is such a tiny candle!

This candle can be purchased here for $5 plus S/H.

What scents are you guys currently loving?


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