Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SOTD: Day 3 & My Sock Monkey Tart Warmer

I was looking for a new electric tart warmer for a couple weeks when I started seeing pictures of this guy on the internet. I have a tart warmer that warms the wax with the tealight but it has a very "country" feel to it (think lots of red barns). I wanted something fun and a little less serious.
I bought this little guy at Walmart.
So far I am loving him and he is small enough for my bedroom.

He doubles as a cute nightlight too. :)

His little hat holds the wax. 

Right now I'm melting ScentSationals Happy Hour. I also purchased this at Walmart.

It is described as "frosted coconut swirled with pineapple and sugared berries."

I can definitely pick up on the sugared berries part right away. There isn't an overwhelmed coconut smell to it but rather a pina colada scent mixed it. 

My bedroom is in one corner of the my house, but when I melted this in my room it scented my whole house! I also received many compliments from all the guests that came by that day.

What are you burning/melting today?

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