Monday, September 10, 2012

Sugar Works Review

I recently gave Sugar Works a try. The store was having an offer for 20% off your first order and 2 free fullsized samples. I've heard that this company has very bad CS in the past and a lagging turn around time. However, I found everything with my order to be perfect. If I hadn't heard about other people's problems I would probably be more apt to order even more.

This is everything I ended up ordering.

I received two free Body Glosses with my order. I picked the scents Ambre Delicieux and Bananas Foster Cake.

Ambre Delicieux 
The site describes it as "delicious blend of Eastern Amber, creamy praline notes and caramelized sugars. Hints of sweet cake with rich vanilla frosting are adorned with swirls of crushed amber."
It smells very sweet and with a hint of musty amber. I gave this one to a coworker of mine who is named Amber. :) It was a good scent but not one I was in love with.

Bananas Foster Cake
I can't find a description on the website for this scent in the scent list. However, it's still available for sale under the Body Gloss scents.
It has a very sweet banana and sugar candy like scent.

I'm not usually a body oil fan but these are nice. Absorbs well and is moisturizing.

This is Butter Soft in the scent Cinnamon Toasted Almonds.
The website describes it as " Spicy cinnamon, aromatic almonds and a hint of toasted sugar".
It smells exactly like that. It has a cinnamon scent that isn't too spicy or overwhelming with almond undertones. When I wore this people were always asking what smells good. :) Although a couple people said it smelt like gingerbread on me.

I've been using this pretty much everyday for a body butter. I love the texture, how well it absorbs, and the scent.

This is the Sugar Scrub in Dirty Coconut.
The site describes it as "pure sweetness of fresh coconut and roughs it up a little with toasting to create a more grown-up, complex fragrance. With notes of sun-warmed caramel, light brown sugar, toasted coconut, and exotic vanillas."
To me, this has a muted coconut-nutty smell. But it has a light plasticy smell to me. 

I love how even the scrub is on the top. It makes it look very professional. Also, the tops of the scrubs have matching glitter on top. The texture of the scrubs is nice and thick but I haven't wanted to use them because of the plasticy scent. These sugar scrubs are dense, smaller sugar crystals.

This is the Sugar Scrub in Sugarcake.
The website describes it as "a blend of rich vanilla cake, sweet frosting and sugar sprinkles".
To me, it smells like a sugary sweet bakery scent with plastic undertones.

This is the Sugar Scrub in Can't Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me.
The website describes it as "luscious red candied apples, funnel cake topped with powdered sugar and a froth of pink cotton candy to top it off'".
All I can smell ib this scrub is an extreme plastic scent and a touch of something equally gross.

I'm not sure if I got bad batches of the scrubs or if they all have that plastic undertone.

I loved the oils and body butter but the scrubs were too plasticy for me to even use.

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  1. If you search under Isle of Eden, there's likely a lot of history about the company. They CAN have great products, and I've ordered from them, but I won't again unless they have at least two years of consistent products and customer service, delivery of shipping packages.


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