Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jessica Pajama Party and Maybelline Lavender Sparks

This is 2 coats of Jessica Pajama Party.

Pajama Party is a dark blue based purple shimmer. 

Brand: Jessica
Availability: I bought this in a set at TJ Maxx. Apparently it's from the 2010 Paint The Town Collection. I'm sure they still float around on eBay or Amazon.
Price: This is horrible, but I can't remember. I think that the set came with 3-4 polishes and was about $8.

I then added 1 coat of Maybelline Lavender Sparks.

Lavender Sparks is a light purple glitter polish that is a bit sheer and has holographic glitter hexs.

Brand: Maybelline
Availability: Most drugstores and retailers that carry Maybelline
Price: $2.99


  1. The polish is very pretty on it's own but I always add a little sparkle also, it seems to keep the polish on longer and make the nails harder.

  2. Wow!!! This nail color is so pretty. i super love the color for it looks so elegant and classy. This is perfect for any occasion or any season.


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