Monday, February 4, 2013

GlitterDaze Birthday Cupcake

I celebrated my birthday yesterday (and thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!) and coming up soon we have another birthday. It's GlitterDaze's 1st birthday. In celebration there will be a limited edition polish available from the February 7th to March 3rd

This is 2 coats of GlitterDaze Birthday Cupcake over Essie Marshmallow.

Birthday Cupcake is a milky white based glitter polish. There's pink hex glitter in different shapes, shredded purple glitter and small glitter throughout the whole bottle. There is also silver star glitter but I couldn't get any on the nail. Shaped glitter is notoriously hard to get out of the bottle and I also think the mini sized bottle doesn't help that effect. The color itself is sheer, like I was excepting, so this is best layered like I did.

Is anyone else a sucker for creamy white glitters? These are my weakness.

This polish can be purchased here for $11 or $6 for a mini. GlitterDaze also offers rewards points on purchases if you sign up with the website.
GlitterDaze also has a Facebook, Instagram (@glitterdaze), Twitter (@glitterdazenp), and Pinterest.

*Polish provided for review*


  1. I love how girly and soft this polish is! It's really pretty.

  2. I don't have a creamy white glitter, but oh boy, do I need one after seeing these swatches! Happy birthday :D


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