Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reswatching My Stash: China Glaze Part 1

I started organizing my stash again recently and noticed there's some polishes I haven't worn in a long, long time. I figured I could reswatch them. :) I won't describe them since I believe most if not all have been on my blog before.

3 coats of Kaleidoscope Him Out.

2 coats of Aquadelic.

1 coat of Adore.

1 coat of Techno Teal.

2 coats of Smoke And Ashes.

2 coats of Meteor Shower.

Thanks for looking. :) I hope to do another reswatching session soon. When I have free time. What is free time anyway?


  1. Gorgeous polishes! Techno Teal is one of my favorites. I have Meteor Shower but haven't worn it yet.

  2. Kaleidoscope Him Out looks so amazing! One of my favourite holos :)


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